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Ishuzoku Reviewers 9/9/9/10/9

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P

What can I say. We have a fantasy setting of all sorts of species. What is common, that every species have open brothels where you can drown your self in pleasure. As long you have coin. And since this is fantasy isekai you can also travel and do quests.

After hard day work, take your pick of a girl of whichever species and have your fun. What else you need?

On top of that write reviews about them them and get even more money.

Honestly… what else needs to be told. As a guy, I found this a very fun universe to drown your loneliness onto superficial pleasure. And selection is WIIIDE.

Basically as far story premise, idea and showcase goes, I found it extremely entertaining. As long you don’t mind fanservice and fall into simple debauchery, then this anime is superb. Only reason it doesn’t full points.. is I felt that there should been a bit more of “main plot” in midsts of whole brother’ventures.


What can I say. Main cast are all fun quirky chars with their own kinks and degeneracy.

Everyone else? Well.. pretty much same, everyone there is degenerate to some degree. As are we all. But since Anime focus on that and all sorts of characters were presented. Then it was tons of fun. For some reason wished to see some sort of ending regarding the favorite waitress. I guess that’s why don’t want to give it 10.


✦Art & Sound✦


Fun OST. Catchy Opening song and superb visuals. Full score not simply because it had few dips regarding quality and also music. Where it didn’t feel as superb.


Enjoyment & Overall✦
As more degeneracy connoisseur myself I am. I had such a blast with this anime. So many species, kinks, women types, pleasure drownage and the whole jolly go around with buds and taste various women was damn fun thing to watch. As depresso as my self, with 0experience to any tier with women I found this Anime damn entertaining to a point I felt that I wanted to be isekaid there if I ever die… huehue..

So basically if you like ecchi and simple with with no romance or have no hope in romance. Then I highly recommended it.

Extra text to allow my review be posted.. spam spam spam. Honestly.. I don’t like dragging my text.. I prefer to write and read straight to the point reviews with minimal insight and spoilers. Idea of reviews is to present what you felt about specific Anime so people with similar taste know what to expect. Or simply.. share to friends your compact opinion instead to have remind and retell it all.


✦✦Final score✦✦: 9/10
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