Hated characters



  • Aika Hayakawa – fck dat bitch for “steal” attempt
  • Yuri Otani – annoying as hell
  • Miu Asakura – really annoying Yandere’ish character
  • Miu Matsuoka – That brat is annoying as HELL..toss her into grinder..
  • Flay Allster – she got some serious daddy issues. Plus she was really annoying.. and hated her for how she manipulated MC
  • Akane Minagawa – do I even hate to explain why I hate this slut? Anyhow, hate her from bottom of my heart. Would love to see her being slowly destroyed and eventually die. Then revive and get destroyed again. And keep repeating it until her soul is absolutely destroyed.
  • Malty Melromarc – Do I even need to explain? I just hope she will die a very slow and agonizing death.
  • Elinalise Dragonroad – hate this whore…. (and I don’t care about her curse, her existence/personality disgusts me)

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