Review system explanations & scoring explanation

General sharing traits

  • My reviews are entries/opinions on whatever is being reviewed.
  • Reviews for me means fellow-minded people knowing what to expect. (more under NOTE) (1)
  • PERSONAL ENJOYMENT >critical/objective” value.
  • Scores are in 10 point system. And you can pretty much use Anime/Manga scoring system for Games/Movies/series as well and Lewd Anime/Manga scoring system for lewd games & misc


I usually enjoy Animated (movies, series, Anime etc..) adaptions more than their source.(books, VN’s, LN’s, manga etc..) as Animated/moving form delivers much more information and emotions. Colors, animation, music, voice etc.. whilst reading for me is simply text (and pictures). As someone who enjoys stuff by soaking in things as they are, meaning that I enjoy more emotional deliverance information much more than less of it. With reading I tend to lose focus faster and forget things by the next chapter or some things even mid-chapter. I don’t particularly think or know how or care. Never connect thing or questions pop into mind. I just “soak in”. Maybe I’m just stupid or braindead or something is wrong with me, who knows. That’s how I am and always been. Lot of “norms” are “off” considering me.. Moral of the story, RIP my brain and that I enjoy Anime more than Manga. Could add a lot of more thoughts/comments to make it maybe easier to understand about myself and how I view/rate/review/think/feel about things, but I feel as it’s unnecessary, because I somewhat express lot of extra things in reviews anyways that happen at the moment to pop into my head.

(1) I never understood point of “Critic” reviews. Every piece of fiction review is subjective not objective. I personally like reviews that are short, straight to point and don’t spoil contents (whilst as extra has spoilers/debate/rant parts). Kinda like “recommending stuff to you friend” . So if fellow-minded people read my reviews and get general gist whenever to watch or not, then mission achieved. I don’t want novel length text with fancy words explaining every piece of content. TLDR; If reader has similar mindset or tastes, then that reader knows what to expect and whenever to watch something or not.

Review Locations:

  • Anime/Manga & their Hentai counterparts – MyAnimeList & this site (few on AniList)
  • Games – STEAM and Misc for lewd counterparts. & This site.
  • Movies/Series/Misc – On this site.

Anime & Manga

First I consider minimally animation/story/characters/development/music etc… and then include personal enjoyment value and thus give total score to the Anime/Manga. Whereas personal enjoyment has pretty much double score value in review itself.

  • 10 Anime/manga that I really loved all around and was superb in general.~”100% value”(mostly favorite)
  • 9 Anime/manga that I enjoyed immensely but felt as it missed a tiny niche“~90% value” (can be favorite)
  • 8 Anime/manga that I enjoyed a lot but had a few missing bits or off-target taste’wise.~”80% value”
  • 7 Anime/manga that was enjoyable but missed noticeable amount of things taste’wise or generally wasn’t as impressive. ~”70% value”
  • 6 Anime/manga that was okay to watch, but had wasn’t that impressive or bored me now and then. Missed plenty of things ~”60% value” (good enough Anime)
  • 5 Anime/manga that wasn’t as enjoyable and/or had a lot of issues or just generally bored me for the most part] (-.- meh, quite boring/lacking) ~”50% value”
  • 4 Anime/manga that I didn’t enjoy and/or had many issues or bored me to unreal amount and generally felt bad. ~”40% value”
  • 3 Anime/manga that was simply damn bad. ~”30% value”
  • 2 Anime/manga that was just horrendously uninteresting and bad. Garbage pretty much. ~”20% value”
  • 1 Anime/manga that has to be something special to achieve this score this bad. Make me punch something or puke maybe? ~”10% value”

What exactly affects scores?

Note: Since they are modifiers they can vary depending on Anime/Manga. Whereas “personal enjoyment” has endless modifiers.

Story related –> unanswered questions, cut or rushed ending, quality of story, development
Animation/art –> how “fitting” I consider the art/animation & quality of that
Audio –> mainly how good is OST/Music, how fitting and presence of it. And rarely quality of voice acting.
Characters –> mostly how interesting/fitting are characters, development
Fanservice –> whenever anime/manga had it too much or to little and how did it fit in
Extra –> cliches, stereotypes, generic genre combination = ME LIKE IF DONE THE WAY I LIKE

Movies & Series

W.I.P as haven’t made any yet. (will be using this site in future for non-platform reviews.


  • PERSONAL ENJOYMENT + minimal thoughts on gameplay/story/graphics + sound quality
  • More of an gamelist entry with some comments and random notes I have about game.

Lewd games

  • Game review system + sip of lewd Anime/manga system
  • Main difference would be that in lewd games primary factors for me are art/scenes + main character (who are lewded) personality/looks + kinks/fetishes + harmony between game itself and ability of it letting enjoy the lewdz

Lewd Anime/Manga/misc

Let’s be honest. It’s how HOT I found specified Hentai. Some minimal consideration about quality of setting/characters/animation/art/kinks/genres

  • 10 Hentai that was spot on damn hot and enjoyable.~”100% value”(mostly favorite)
  • 9 Hentai that was damn enjoyable & hot “~90% value” (can be favorite)
  • 8 Hentai that was quite enjoyable & hot but something wasn’t as impressive or off-taste ~”80% value”
  • 7 Hentai that was good & hot enough but had some issues or rather off-taste ~”70% value”
  • 6 Hentai that was good enough but had plenty of issues or was quite off-mark taste’wise ~”60% value” (good enough Anime)
  • 5 Hentai that was quite “meh” and wasn’t really that hot or had too many off-taste elements. (-.- meh, quite boring/lacking) ~”50% value”
  • 4 Hentai that I just couldn’t enjoy or/and was bad. Or/and infuriating ~”40% value”
  • 3 Hentai that I couldn’t enjoy at all or/and was quite bad. Or/and very infuriating. ~”30% value”
  • 2 Hentai that I didn’t enjoy at all and made me feel sick or/and was utterly bad generally. ~”20% value”
  • 1 Hentai that has to be something special to achieve this score this bad (maybe make me throw up?) ~”10% value”

What exactly affects lewdz scores?

Note: Since they are modifiers they can vary depending on Hentai. Whereas “personal enjoyment” has endless modifiers.

Story related –> setting, development, scenes progression, kinks progressions, kinks themselves
Animation/art –> how “fitting” I consider the art/animation & quality of that
Audio –> for hentai I guess voice acting and sound of scenes in general.
Characters –> personalities, general looks, character/personality progression (how low they fall/corrupt/change/waifu’fy and the theme and level of that), how much I like them personally as characters
Lewdness/kinks –> generally how lewd it was and how much did I like the kinks/fetishes that were in the specified hentai.
Extra –> cliches, stereotypes, generic genre combination = ME LIKE IF DONE THE WAY I LIKE


  • NOTE: HENTAI scoring is heavily affected by personal enjoyment(read NOTE2). As I strongly prefer “vanilla”-type hentai’s and really despise NTR, cheating, mindbreak etc… the scoring will be harsh (in most cases)[Because of my views towards love, sexual relationships etc…]
  • NOTE2:Alongside slow Hentai re-watch to reevaluate them, I will also attempt to score less-harsh Hentai that are quite “off” my “moral compass”. But nevertheless hentai that disgust me or infuriate way too much will still be scored harsh. In another words hentai that isn’t obviously even close to vanilla I’ll try to simply enjoy their lewdness and try to ignore features that my whole being rejects.
  • whilst funnily enough I enjoy slow corruption lewd games…

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