LewdZ misc list


(noteworthy and favorites)

  • hisasi
  • – pretty vanilla art
  • tsuttsu – nice loli stuff (some of them very nice, cute & lewd art)
  • Himura Kiseki – nice art
  • Ishimiso – absolutely love this authors character design.. meaty and SO DAMN HOT, not exactly fond of vore that this author makes.. but eh.. aside that, damn hot
  • Bosshi – hot stuff, nice art – lewd lolis & futas
  • Higashino Mikan – simple art, but hot
  • Zucchini – great art (gotta check more works)
  • Bubuzuke – nice art
  • Dr.P – hot art, hot stuff
  • Seto Yuuki – love that style
  • Naomi Nekomata – sweet, clean and hot style. Particulary like his Azusa Miura (idolmaster) works.
  • hashibiro kou
  • Mda Starou
  • Tetsutarou Chiba – nice bug/insect stuff
  • cuvie
  • Kyou Tanabe – guddo loli
  • kaiga
  • Kuuki Satou
  • Tamagou
  • monikano – hot and interesting art, but not fond of many works of this artist, interesting contraptions
  • Raidon – a bit mixed feelings about this authors art and stories. Art is hot, but kinda odd. Stories are kinda rapey, but feel as rape play rather than actual forceful rape. But in the end noteworthy artist.
  • Takashi Ishigaki – has quite juicy, meaty and hot art. Love rear views of this artist. Stories this artist makes tho, ain’t that much fond of.
  • yahiro pochi
  • pochi.
  • tsukino jyogi
  • crimson (interesting stuff)
  • takayaki – nice art n stories
  • charu – love exhibitionism girl series
  • Ayumu Miyahara
  • fue – great mouth stuff
  • cle masahiro
  • jyura
  • kamogawa tanuki
  • mucha
  • okunoha
  • suisen toilet
  • chikiko – animal stuff

Misc favs

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