Tag system & tags

What is it?

Tag system is simply a system to sort my long lists and find stuff easier. By using acronyms or short definition.

Major Tags a.k.a commonly used tags

  • Tasty – For non-lewd entries it simply entitles content that had really good/hot fanservice that was worth tagging. For lewdz it entitles for simply really hot content I enjoyed
  • ERC – Emotional Rollercoaster … basically content that managed to budge me emotionally….
  • Made Cry – content that legit teared me up (even if a bit)
  • TOPFAV – content I loved enough to call “favorite”
  • ReWD – content I have reviewed

Minor tags a.k.a less used and questionable definition tags

  • (…)legacy tag for MAL list for entries that have longer comments
  • SPUQ – special & unique content (very artsy, unique feel stuff)
  • RWs – Rewatch score. Only used If I re-consume content to reevaluate something. (which is very unlikely, I don’t like changing score. Tastes and stuff change.. it would be endless if I would keep re-scoring. A.k.A first time experience matters the most.)
  • BFBNF – Bloody fun, but not favorite. Very odd tag I created with Anime called “Initial D” . Basically tag entitles of something that I really enjoyed, that was superb, but for some reason I simply can’t call favorite. More of a vanity/trophy tag.
  • Vdose – Vanilla/pure(‘ish) love story I really loved. Essentially a pure/successful/adorable/first/cute love that gave “fuzzy grin” and “heart squeezing”
  • WNH – Why Not Hentai, Anime that is by it’s content Hentai, but isn’t tagged in database as hentai.
  • SKTH – Skimmed Through, stuff for whatever reason I watched by fast-forwarding or even skipped/jumped throughout the watch period.
  • WontCont – Content of which sequels I won’t bother with.
  • FTS – Fuck this shit, something that I seriously did not enjoy. (in more of a agressive/angry way. Tag was created with Hentai that pissed me off and disgusted a lot.)

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