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Would love em to be my wife in real life. … not into waifu culture.. but some characters make me think/fantasize/wonder of them existing in real life and being beside me. Cringe/cliche/stupid blog entry.. but fck it.. Re-Watching “White Album 2” made me want to make this entry.

Waifu Queen – Violet Evergarden

  • Yona – red haired beauty, strong personality, cute…
  • Kazusa Touma – love absolutely everything about her.. totally my taste… as well another reason…. But nevertheless, ;_; diz animu
  • Ruri Gokou – weeb goth loli, with lovable personality, looks and fashion sense.
  • Hinata Hyuuga – When in naruto she first showed up I simply found her discouraged cute girl. In shippuuden her body grew a bit lewd (puberty I guess) and by the end of Shippuuden she grew into such a Goddess… She is kind yet strong. Cute yet absolutely beautiful. And ofc can be hot. But she just grew into such a icon of beauty and overall “icon of woman”. Damn lovable yamato no nadeshiko.
  • Asuna Yuuki – Ordinal Scale finally decided for me to add her to blogs. Beautiful, cute and loving character. Liked her in 1st season, grew a bit into her in 2nd, pretty much love in Ordinal..
  • Violet Evergarden – bring smile to her face, bring her joy, happiness and let her experience all sorts of emotions. Seriously, love her so much and seeing her joy would be such a beautiful occasion…
  • Rem – I know it’s rather mainstream choice. But after that absolutely heart warming speech she gave on top of her cuteness and kindness. She simply is the candidate for waifu blog..
  • Kitagawa Marin – wholesome gyaru with cultured hobbies
  • Hanekawa Tsubasa – Cheeky and meek, has lewd side, amazing body, can be cute, beautiful and hot.
  • Yamada Anna – another adorable extrovert who I wouldn’t me to drag me around. (Marin vibes)

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