Anime “review” One Piece Film: Red

❉In a nutshell: Powered music done right and tons of nakama power.

So this time around we get sort of a idol type approach with one piece movie. Anyhow, for the most part I felt that the storytelling was very enjoyable. It starts essentially with slow burn progress whereas you get to hear tons of great music, but over the course of the movie it gets more and more dramatic. Which overall I felt it was done right. We also get the usual comical relief on less dramatic scenes as well. Although some stuff regarding the plot felt very dumb though, but eh, that happens often with OP.

Anyhow, as far as story goes. The progression “steps” were great and overall movie was quite enjoyable and even emotional enough.

Firsts things first, we get to see tons of characters to show up again and for whatever reason everyone teams up with everyone, which felt like ultimate nakama power type of character presentation, which I found rather idiotic, but eh.. whatever.

Only real worthwhile mention is the main character of the movie “Uta” aside being fostered daughter of Shanks, she had somewhat interesting character in her…, but her “backstory” and the whole drama of herself and her actions was the main focus, which overall was great. She was essentially insane and coping, which was entertaining to watch.

✦Art & Sound
Lots of great music with Uta and animation was top notch, plenty of detailed moments with very flashy combat and very fancy song presentations. Although, full blown CGi moments were awkward like usually it is with 3DCGI moments in the Anime world….

✦Enjoyment & Overall
All things considering it was a great movie, visited it even in cinema, since we had it here in our country. Lot’s of very enjoyable music, fun fights, good drama & did even get emotional a bit on few occasions.
I do love powered music in the world of Anime. Symphogear & Takt would be superb examples, they simply much more fun versional than crappy western “musicals”. And in this movie it was over the top world building (in a literal sense)

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

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