Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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+very challenging
+plenty of secrets that hide within NPC interactions
+pretty fun combat if like speedy combat
+fair amount of boss and enemy variation
+interesting and dramatic story
+solid visual style
+fun movement style
+large world with tons of interconnecting area shortcuts
+fair amount of various skills
+plenty of lore
+plenty of endings


-found story/setting to stiff for my taste
-not too fond of sanic speed parry’fest combat (I ain’t got such reaction speed to deal with that..)
-too many useless consumables as per usual


Not much to add. Essentially samurai bloodborne that heavily requires on fast combat and constant parrying. I enjoyed it, but most definitely not my type of a game. It’s more of a historical/mythological world/setting that the usual jam of dark fantasy. Which is again, a bit turn-off for me. Story… well, it was rather dramatic, had great voice acting and offers plenty of endings. But I found it a bit too stiff, but that’s how it usually is with samurai themed stuff. OYAKATA!!!

But for what it is. It’s another solid game by Miyazaki. Just this time around targeted a bit to different audience.

I’ll give it an extra +1 score just because rather than it being bad/boring side. It’s simply rather off-taste for me, even if game itself is rather great.


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