Assassins Creed Unity – “Game Review”

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PROs:+great visuals
+large world with plenty of building interior explorations
+tons of activities (collectibles, murder mysteries, puzzle solving etc…)
+okay story
+plenty of customization options
+large armory
+CoOp mode
+Funny bugs
+cool trippy helix rifts with lot of parkour
+well improved moving/climbing system (direction focused options – freerun down or up button combinations)

CONs:-too much side-crap to do (if you are completionist)
-some game breaking/blocking bugs
-a lot of grind required to get all items

Comments:Can’t be bothered to write too much. But to sum it up it’s an rather improved addition to the franchise. Plenty of game mechanics, directed freerunning, you can pick multiple quests, great visuals, tons of stuff to do/get and so on.

I usually collect and do everything in creed games. But this game has simply too much stuff, so I finished the main story and did few side stuff, but now I’m done with it.

Tried coop once, was random experience. So can’t tell how good or fun it can be.

Story was kinda derpy, and the FMC was probably one of more obnoxious characters, as she kept just ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up it every step.


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