Call Of Duty Black Ops “review”

My scoring & reviews explained HERE[]

PROs:+the usual traditional COD shooter with linear and scripted events
+actually fun storyline this time around
+some nice OST
+a twist of turn post-finale (intro for another game mode basically)
+not too long
+various locations/scenery

CONs:-useless mid-scene “QTEs”
-too much of screaming “Murica” essentially, design’wise
-steam price (seriously, game not worth over 20EU, especially if game is old as this)

Comments:Not much to add. For starters I actually finished the game. Which means I didn’t get particularly as bored. I found story quite odd but entertaining. Plenty of locations to go around. Weaponry okay. It’s pretty flat-on traditional scripted shooter. Straightforward and fairly fun.

Multiplayer and zombie mode are excluded in review. As I didn’t play them. (did only one round of zombies since game tossed me there anyways)


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