The W.I.P site that will remain so for a long time…

Desolate´s Central Zone


Ey , this ultra work-in-progress website. Endgame idea is to have all my reviews compacted on one site. (games, manga, anime, lewds etc..). As well all explanations in one place (rating system etc..) .. and eventually have it clean, clear, functional and compact.

Features to achieve.

  • clarity/readability/compact
  • “(?)” icons that creates overlay entry for quick information/explanation
  • “more info” for “(?)” icons to open explanations site that redirect to required section for more in-depth information.
  • Method to auto-import in any form all new written reviews automatically (steam, f95zone, myanimelist/anilist etc…)
  • 18+/adult/NSFW content toggle button. (default to not show adult content marked stuff)
  • re-design CSS fully until reach satisfactory design for functionality, clarity and so on


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