Sword Art Online: Alicization review


Sword Art Online: Alicization 5/9/6/7/7

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P

Funnly enough I really loved SAO and ALO. Hated GGO, loved ordinal scale. And now that I reached GGO alternative and Alicization I got rather mixed feelings.

For the most part I enjoyed the storytelling in this Anime but for some reason really overreached and somewhat “forced” in comparison to SAO 1. The whole concept and mis-aligment of time and somewhat Kirito essentially being there for “long time” is just odd. Anime offers story’wise some emotional moments, but at the same time they feel oddly weightless.
Also I found it rather odd that although the whole storytelling of what was happening in “real world” and the concept of “Alicization” world might been “interesting” per sey. Yet still somehow rather questionable and the usual “humans are cu– ahems”.

World building was okay. I guess as whole it was “okay” but ironically rather “souless”.


✦Art & Sound
Not much to say. Superb as always. Whilst Animation felt somewhat “odd” at times with this overly glowing and saturated Art.. it was great nevertheless. Fight scenes and spells were great.
OST was superb as always.

For some reason once again “evil” characters and power hungry rapey characters. “Boss” character was also rather useless.
I did love Alice and bunch of side-characters, whilst boy duo was for the most part rather obnoxious. Also I felt somehow that Kirito as “character” got somewhat a “downgrade”
All things together.. good enough I guess. Was some progression, fair amount of characters. Just there was a lot of “uselessness” in characters.

✦Enjoyment & Overall
What can I say. It felt rather borderline “7”. Enjoyed it a bit more than pink loli running with guns. That was was simply for a reason that this universe has swords and magic. Whilst I did get tired of Kirito and lot of story elements that I simply didn’t care about, it was still enjoyable.
Also it was semi-interesting to see activities on both side of worlds.

✦✦Final score✦✦: 7/10

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