Lewd Game “review” – Boy Hero Ken ~Haunted House Investigation~ by “Sixth Flowerbed”

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Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds


✅    Okay’ish art

✅    Solid scenes + some pixel art sprites

✅    Gallery room

✅    Gameplay ain’t too obnoxious

✅    Character stereotypes done well

✅    Some story/plot elements are entertaining

✅    Easily obtainable scenes

❔    NTR focus for those why like it


❌    NTR focus

❌    Not much depth to characters/story

❌    Art inconsistency


Again…. 2nd of 3rd game to review that I played months ago. From what I remember I finished it for the most part I think. Anyhow, art is pretty meh but scenes were fairly well done, heavy NTR focus although. The maps weren’t oversized and the gameplay element wasn’t as tedious. Scene hunting was also easy enough. Game offers multiple endings, but I didn’t bother them.

So basically, if you want NTR, give it a try, but overall do I feel like this game is worth the time? Naaahh.. I’d rather play something else.

Total Score:  5/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished ‘ish

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