Game “review” – Bioshock 2 Remastered

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✅ A bit more fun shooter than first game (as you can use ability and guns at the same time)
✅ Narrative/story presentation is great


❌ Locations felt meh
❌ Technical issues
❌ Characters were duller


Didn’t try minervas den DLC but is well received by internet.
I mean… I did enjoy it for most part more than first game as gunplay was more fun as you could use ability and weapons at the same time. But I got cashes now and then.. did pretty much play legit as well. Think I reached like 3rd level out of last. Then I just couldn’t be bothered anyways.. yeah pew pew was better but overall I got bored. So overall it’s a bit better game for gameplay… but much duller story/characters and levels.
Again…. Maybe during my middle school years I would have enjoyed this game a lot more as I used to be into shooters then quite a lot. Now I don’t really feel like playing long shooters.
So can’t really give any more pros or cons because not much did stand out whenever positive or negative. It felt like “yeah.. seems like good game, but I’m not really into it”
So for sakes for “good game” I will still recommend it if you are into classic shooters without too much extra fluff that nowadays shooters tend to have.

🌟 Total score: 6/10🌟

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