Lewd game “review” – Delinquent Schoolgirl Anri Reincarnated in a Penal Colony of Virgins! by “mikaproya”

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Review format: Lewds
Won’t even bother doing PROs and CONs on this one. I’ll just wrap it up in a nutshell. Played it a bit over hour. As far I saw it has solid slutty stereotype JK character, but everything else in this game is pretty subpar. Linear storytelling and gameplay, lazy map designs, CGi is for the most part okay but nothing impressive, quality varies as well, few CGis quality takes a dump. Scenes themselves are pretty okay. Stat screen was neat, but meh as they are more of visual fluff and nothing else and her “corruption” ain’t really a corruption considering what an JK hoe she is to be honest.
Story itself has more of comedic relief value than some actual fantasy isekai corruption value. I personally would recommend skipping on this this one and try something more worthwhile.
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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