Lewd game “review” – Pray Game by “U-Room”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Fun story and side stories
✅ Fun and expanded gameplay mechs and features
✅ Gameplay can be very difficulty depending on your approach
✅ Great scene/fetish variety
✅ Tons of scenes
✅ Cute FMC
✅ Great CGi art
✅ Lewd stat buffs/debuffs fun
✅ Tips/quest book
✅ Lot of utility tools/equipment
✅ Plenty of quality of life items & tools
✅ Plenty of endings
✅ 5 corruption stages? Where character does heavily change on later stages
✅ Quick travel key to quickly go to world map
✅ “Tips & cheat room” also “censor room” (by default some content is censored, go to that room to disable all censorship) also True ending guide/tip unlock
✅ Material gather & grind will be eventually much much easier, and DLC makes it essentially cheating easier (but will also require a lot)
✅ Discovering maps fully and multiple times throughout a game is rewarding. Collectibles, some secrets and occasionally boss mobs that you won’t able to beat early on.
✅ Append/true “true” content offers A LOT of great expanded story and combat with some very difficult fights and very meta and interesting fights
❔ Has some god tier grind “DLC” areas and niche boss fights I’ve yet to find and finish (peeked with finished saves with unreal items/gear I didn’t even know existed..) (so will play at later date)
❌ Scene room “endings unlock” switch is behind “true ending” which is missable content
❌ Post-game & DLC boss fights behind immense grind and niche gear & fight tactics (FEW fights ARE the most extreme tryhard sweatsessions I’ve ever done, but I loved this game so I did somehow beat them, thankfully they not required)
❌ Lewd stat screens just numeral fluff
❌ Append/DLC/True “true” ending content is fairly missable content

This is one of the more amazingly polished RPGm hentai corruption games. Great are, TONS of scenes and kinks. And gameplay is really expanded. Really large skillset, tons of skills, gameplay mechanics, tons of way to grow character (gear, skills, your “pet”, passives, utility effects, allocated skillset boosts, consumable buffs if want to use, food buffs.

Storytelling I also did enjoy quite a lot. Main story itself is fun “magical girl esque” where FMC ability to see memories of others and claim their “elements” is fun aspect, which makes her omnipotent. But also seeing progress of side character stories and such was also pretty fun. Various endings and side characters have also both good and bad endings.

Degeneracy aspect was also pretty superb, great scene variety & kinks plus also how it was implemented with various gameplay aspect and way you can tweak around on various stuff is neat.

But eh….. won’t go too much in detail as it’s more fun to discover yourself. But overall I’m quite impressed with this game as game and as lewd game. As both aspects are great. But won’t give it higher rating due mainly FMC not exactly my cup of tea and her “corruption” course ain’t also fully my taste. Celesphonia was still more of my fetish with both game itself, kinks and the main character. BUT, nevertheless this game was great fun. Will play it more and attempt to hunt for
“DLC” content and hunt for true ending and dlc content myself.

Extra comment as of 23rd February, 2024 because I finished now append dungeons and reached true “true ending as well:

Oh boy…. that took me a while to finish, had few months break from this game as well. For starters, story was amazing still. I loved it, it was odd, fun, deep & complex enough that you wouldn’t expect from a hentai game. And seriously by the time I reached the end by brain was smoking, as I somewhat were lost with the story and I somewhat forgot previous bits due to long story, gameplay and small break. Plus boy… I had to google a bit to progress at certain story points since that game did something bizarre… but won’t go into details about that.

Also… adult content wise there wasn’t as much in append. Main focus was mostly, story and combat. Which was great. But few, man…. few optional fights I were pulling my hair out… they were way too tryhard… but I loved this game enough to beat those enemies one way or another.

In a nutshell, plenty of tags, great FMC, nice art, enjoyable story, well expanded gameplay, exploration and lewd gameplay.
Total Score: 9/10 +favorited
Game status:
✅ Finished

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