Lewd game “review” – “Kris and the City of Pleasure” by Kumogakure

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✅    Hot & quality art

✅    CGi variation is solid

✅    Gallery room

✅    Scene hunting easy

✅    No obnoxious grind

✅    Body part “level” menu is nice

❔    Kinks variation is a bit tame (bound to reality more of)


❌    Final scene stages are nightmare fuel (proportions go insane and “full corruption” features have ugly style)

❌    Very half-assed actual story element

❌    No proper translation (buggy MTL mess)


Not much to add. I love the meaty girls in world of degeneracy, as long it’s not too extreme. And this game did a great job with initial scene tiers. Last scene tiers just make the character into extreme proportion that I found quite disgusting even.

Gameplay is straight forward, at first do few quests, run around, do interaction-based combat rather than turn based, beat bosses, speak to various npcs with heart icons for scene progressions. Scenes are easy to find and easy to progress, plus gallery room does exist, so you can check what you haven’t done 100% yet.

So yeah, if ignore the appalling final tier scenes and horrid translation buggy messiness, then it’s solid corruption tier-based scene hunting game with great meaty girl. Solid enough to enjoy, but not good enough to recommend.

Total Score:  6/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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