+really fun rogue-like tabletop RNG game
+lore shop makes each run worthwhile as u can get points that you unlock to give more RNG stuff to RNG pool of the game
+plenty of gear, weapon options and classes with their own perks
+solid map variation
+fun coop


-unity engine
-no workshop (or modding in general?)
-seems game is “finished” so new content is not expected


I got most out of the game, played all maps few times, unlocked all classes, did adventure a lot and unlocked bunch in lore shop. Bought it on sale for 8EU , was worth the money. Sadly yeah, no new content is expected and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of modding as of yet. Great game that could have a lot more variation especially if modding support would be a thing. Other than that it’s great game for few sessions now and then to coop. Solo play is also fun enough, but once you finish all maps once, solo becomes pretty stale. Well, essentially stale as if you would play physical table top games alone.

Fun, chill, turn based RNG rogue-like combat adventure with plenty of treasure.
Also always fun when your slot has 96% chance to succeed and then your shit luck (not game stat) fails all 4 slots.


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