Lewd game “review” – Niplheim’s Hunter – Branded Azel

My scoring & reviews explained HERE


+great CG
+straightforward gameplay
+locked scenes/cg/bestiary shows unlock hints
+npcs give unlock hints
+hot fmc
+incombat scenes can be viewed in bestiary
+endgame gives you some OP trinkets to get the remaining scenes


-a bit too tame scenes wise
-gear upgrading system pointless


Essentially lewd hunter game of already corrupted FMC . There were fair amount of scenes to enjoy and some tame variety of kinks. Some scenes were more comedic than hot tho.

Also gameplay was rather simple, do dungeons, get materials, craft gear and trigger events during evening when lewdness bar is high enough. Which was nice, H-aspect is focus after all.

Story… eh.. I think it was fine enough, fairly straightforward with some comedic value. Side characters give me some giggles even in their H-scenes.

Visual design was very neat, interface clean and audio/music was also solid enough.

As far this game goes it was good enough, but nothing too special.


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