Lewd game “review” – Peeping Dorm Manager by “Mango Party, HornyDoge”

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✅ Fun gameplay
✅ Fairly good quality CGi & pixel art animations
✅ No time limit for this type of game is a big plus
✅ If stuck, game has a feature where you can get essentially progression tips
❌ By the time you unlock “skip minigames” unlocks you have finished the game
❌ Not much of CGi variation
❌ Character “development” is pretty pointless
❌ Side chicks aside CGi have no value
❌ Wish game would have fully mouse only gameplay support
❌ Some game breaking bugs
Binged 6 hours pretty much. Unlocked pretty much everything legit until I hit game breaking bug where I hard locked myself with content thus being unable to unlock some missing scenes… Anyhow, kinda like NTR legend and similar games. It’s pseudo point-click adventure game where you do various activities to eventually bang chicks. You do minigames to earn money and buy gadgets to progress, gather information on various time frames about characters and eventually bit by bit by information gathering unlock new progressions and things to do.

Thankfully game has no time limit so you forever test and search stuff and 100% both girls and find side stuff. For the most part it’s fairly easy to find what you have to do, but on some point it get’s kinda grindy and specific so you will be sitting in room, skipping time, finding stuff to do. But hey, game at least offers progression tips system.

Nevertheless, game as a game was pretty fun just wish I could do everything with mouse. Think I had to move with WASD/arrows and use mouse to interact with stuff on screen. So, no 1-H gameplay for players.
CGi and pixel quality was pretty neat for most part, not too much variation though, mostly just some subtly animated CGi loops with voice acting and few expression changes.

Although with both main character stories and “development” I felt very underwhelmed. But characters are just get-go hoes. But eh… I’m fan of corruption genre, so seeing already “corrupted” girls just being hoes with someone else feels like “….whatever”. Streamer girl at least had kinkier scenes.

I mean all things considered it was pretty solid game, but pretty average when it comes to H-game. H part felt pretty weak. Also, game has some game breaking bug, 1 requires changing game language to progress and 1 can permanently lock you out on getting some scenes.

So kinda conflicted saying it’s “good”… but It’s better than a lot of stuff out there. But what makes this H game good, is the gameplay part. What makes this H games weak are the H aspects. So 8 for the gameplay and 5-6’ish for the H ?

Total Score: 7/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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