Lewd game “review” – Otome the Exorcist by “huki damari”

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Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds


✅ Fairly fun gameplay dungeoneering
✅ Acceptable narrative
✅ Great CG quality & artstyle
✅ Some bosses actually pose challenge
✅ Kinda randomized dungeons make dungeons more fun somewhat
✅ Gallery menu to re-watch scenes
✅ Characters are fairly enjoyable
✅ Tough bosses & secret bosses rewards are actually useful and rewarding
✅ Plenty of party members to choose from with each of their own skillset


❌ The game has bunch of hidden content that is extremely easy to miss (think I missed most off hidden content as I don’t spam interact button on every pixel of the map)
❌ Some secret/hidden bosses are too tough to be considered fun in my book
❌ H scenes are fairly short and dialogues in them are pretty subpar
❌ H scene in-scene CG variation is subpar
❌ Gallery room unlock switch is walled behind really tough secret/hidden boss
❌ Caps…an companion I didn’t know was even a companion until I finished the game.. (you seriously made a companion NPC recruitable depending on where you talked NPC from.. like seriously?)
❌ Finding certain things is lot of hassle, lot of wall hugging and pixel hunting/backtracking because game doesn’t tell you..
❌ Developer bothered to make true ending route with tough battles, but making actual true ending story so abstract and boring


Not much to add… as game it was pretty hooking and fun. Did beat pretty much all secret bosses legit. (aside 2 last ones.. did not have patience for them anymore). For most part going through story, doing dungeons, gearing my characters and such was pretty fun.

But as far as hentai rpgm game goes… the H aspect of the game was pretty subpar. It had nice art quality and style.. but the scenes themselves were short with subpar dialogues with not much to them. While female lead was stone faced fighter that descended slowly to lust.. which by itself is nice character stereotype to have and she had also a boyfriend. Considering the lore of the game how they could accumulate powers. it was somewhat wasted protentional. Boyfriend was shown first few moments of the game focused mostly scenes with the old janitor and forgot about existence of the boyfriend until the end of the game. Somehow considering all the scenes she had… it was kind of lackluster, with scene content quality wise.

Party members got pretty much exactly one scene each attention with H aspect.

Anyhow… while art was great, rest of H aspect of the game felt pretty average if not dull. At least I personally I don’t remember
anything to praise.

Game itself had its problems as well… but those I brought out in cons already.
But as whole, when it comes to RPGm games it was on better end of them. If the H element would been better, I would have liked this game more.

🌟Total Score: 6/10

Game status:
✅ Finished

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