Lewd game “review” – Erina and the City of Machines by “coolsister”

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✅ Great art
✅ Fairly pleasant and somewhat fun story
✅ Hot main chick with sultry older sister type slutty personality
✅ Nice H stat screen
✅ Gameplay element fairly straightforward
✅ Fairly nice H scenes
✅ Outfit options & customizable
✅ Some of CG have animations
❌ Messy scene room and a bit hard to scene hunt (no scene symbols, no gallery room unlock tips for lot of stuff)
❌ Not really “corruption” game, just slutty FMC, becoming more of a hoe
❌ Fairly tame with kinks & scenes
❌ Scenes themselves don’t have much of effect in game world dialogues (aside few)
❌ Obnoxious repeating soundtrack
I mean what can I say, as far as H-rpg games go this was fairly hot. Not really a corruption game even though game does have sort of a lust system. But because character herself is somewhat sultry older sister cool stereotype that does get rather proactive in scenes with her dialogues. She is more of slutty nee-san just becoming more proactive. Which overall was quite hot take and, on both scene, and script wise.

Story wasn’t too hard to follow nor too dull. It had its own little charm to it and was fairly enjoyable to read along and keep eye on story as well. So it was a nice touch to have little unique steam punkish fantasy story mixed with archeological expeditions.

Gameplay….. eh not much to combat. Had “Break/poise” system which was nice touch, but overall still very casual. Don’t think I had single challenging fight. For rest of the gameplay you essentially to odd jobs while occasionally talking to NPC’s for gather H scenes.

H aspect had its charm. There are some interactive H scenes where you essentially choose in menus your “act” and toggle between them allowing you do well, pace I guess as you want? While rest of the scripted scenes actually were for the most part quite good, with some of the CG’s having actual small Animations, which was neat. Most of the scenes scripts/dialogues were pretty hot especially when character was slutty enough to be fully proactive. But her meek scenes were also quite great. Also what I did like about H aspect was the fairly neat and clean status screen. It showed some interesting stats, H status effect and on advanced H screen you could unlock some CG, which you could set as your main status screen image.

Also having unlockable and customizable outfits and seeing them in scenes was also very neat. Great visual design and art as well.

Anyhow… main issues were the obnoxious repeating OST. Messy gallery room and hunting for 100% scenes was blind… by the end I was just running around the world, talking constantly to npcs. Yet by the end I still used the unlock switch and apparently still I missed tons of scenes I couldn’t figure out how to get. Bare bones and kinda pointless crafting system as most of combat was sadly too easy.

Overall… as H game, I’d say it had its charms and overall was still pretty neat and hot. Even though there were plenty of issues with it and it’s not really a “corruption” game in my book. Overall, it was still enjoyable and hot H game that did some things great and unique creating its own charming feeling.
Total Score: 7/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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