Lewd game “review” – Rubia’s Ordeal by “StudioNAZE”

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Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds


✅ CGI room

✅ Okay’ish kink variety & quality

✅ Cute & kinky elf FMC

✅ Solid CGI art

✅ Straightforward gameplay

✅ No grinding & combat


❌ No corruption curve (at first she reluctant then she suddenly becomes utter slut)

❌ No freedom (utterly linear game)


Another StudioNAZE game with cute & pleasant artstyle with likable character. But.. game itself is more of a VN as it offers no path or options… you do scenes as they are presented. And biggest con for me was is how sharply her personality changes. So essentially this game has 2 states of character.. she starts reluctant and shy which is cute and hot. Then she suddenly turns utter nypho, which is hot… but the way how it suddenly changes feels more of 2 utterly different characters than being actual „corruption“ … it’s still okay game. But „primeras curiosity“ of similar type game was much more enjoyable.

Other than that, translation was okay, runs on a potato as usual, pseudo-story plot was okay and is scene-centric so you can enjoy it fine…

Total Score:  5/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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