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What can I say. It’s another beautiful Anime about classical music and piano to be precise. Plenty of music was presented in the middle of very powerful emotional deliverance alongside the music.

Obviously music itself isn’t the only important factor of storytelling in this Anime. But also the character growth, drama, suffering and so on is simply amazing. Story offers who a rather pleasant adventure of seeing pianists growing up wrapped around sound of the piano.

Plenty of characters get introduced throughout the Anime. And mos get their stories told alongside the music they are playing. Thus here comes the extremely pleasing convenience of memories, music, person, emotions and so on,


We get plenty of characters and backstories to them, but I’ll only mention the main cast. As they get the most attention and their journey is rather enjoyable to witness. Not much to add, we get various characters with their own unique traits and they grow up rather well. Going to some silly drama, important drama and so on.

All things considering I enjoyed for the most part the characters themselves, while the only minus would be that some of the drama was rather silly. But eh, that’s how drama usually goes.


✦Art & Sound✦
Well first things first. Obviously sound is epic. I mean it’s classical music, can’t be bad.

As for art/animation. The only complaint I have is rather hideous CG. In that regard Anime called “nodame cantabile” much better job.


Enjoyment & Overall✦
Not much to add, I love piano in general, this Anime delivered it alongside with great storytelling of friendship, rivalry and the whole shebang drama that came with it.

I enjoyed it a lot to add it to list of my favorites. As mentioned, the only shortcoming is the CG and some characteristic drama. But those minuses ain’t stopping me giving it full mark Anime.

I enjoyed music, I got emotional, I liked characters, their relationships and their growth,


✦✦Final score✦✦: 10/10

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