Lewd game “review” – Slave’s Sword & 2 by “Circle: Poison”

Note: Steam review copy paste

Note 2:

honestly.. pretty much all applies to 2nd game as well. Story continues which is good enough, but everything else I would rate the same. Only by 2nd game it got too tedious too bother, lot of running, no fast travel points & scenes are essentially the same formula. Loss scenes & prostitution scenes with 2 variants. Did play few hours then I just decided to get save and check out the scenes….

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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format: πŸ”žLewds

πŸ’— Adult patch requirement: πŸ’—

βœ… Yes
πŸ”² No
The usual kagurapatch


πŸ”² Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.
πŸ”² Bad MTL/translation, but playable
πŸ”² Polished enough MTL/translation
βœ… Proper translation with minor issues
πŸ”² Great translation / native

πŸ’—1-H Playability:πŸ’—

πŸ”² No time for β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Gameplay & β€œfun” ratio leans on gameplay too much
βœ… Balanced gameplay and β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Mouse only experience


PROs & CONs:
βœ… Gallery Room
βœ… Lewd statistics
βœ… Lewd sfx / voices (+voice acted FMC)
βœ… Some solid kinks & scenes
βœ… FMC pretty good looking & fair enough voice acted
βœ… Pleasant CG art
❌ Not too much CG variation
❌ Considering how much of gameplay there was it feels that there weren’t enough scenes
❌ No corruption curve. Mentality changed suddenly once shame stat is low enough
❌ Longer gamer over scenes can’t be skipped if seen once
As far as degeneracy goes. It did have some pretty neat kinks. Although as this is loss focused game as per usual, then expect lot of forced genre. Whilst 2nd part being semi-forced prostitution pretty much. Most of those scenes were good enough, but nothing too special.

Lower of shame stat enough and you get the usual sex hating girl becoming sex crazed girl. But even that isn’t done well… instead of any sort of corruption course, the personality gets just suddenly changed once stat is low enough… Plus all scenes do not link anyhow her previous sex situations.

Anyhow.. girl is cute, CGi is pleasant, scenes are hot enough, but other than that it feels very bare bones… as far as hentai games go this is pretty weak.


PROs & CONs:
βœ… Gear upgrading
βœ… Simple auto combat for quick fights
βœ… Can escape easily fights if don’t want to waste time on them.
βœ… Some “sneaky” areas can be made easier..
❌ Can be grindy if want easier boss fights
❌ Gacha system – dumbest mechanic to have…. just why. You spend tons of gold to get RNG cards of minor/niche buffs.
❌Some fights are in succession without in-between saves. (last fight was the most annoying one…)

Difficulty & Grind: It’s as challenging you want it to be. If you rush main story and don’t kill too many mobs on the way, you will be underleveled and make fights difficult for yourself. So it’s very typical.. do some grinding for easy fights, or have hard fights while being underleveled.

There were some more minor issues I can’t remember… but once again. As far as H-RPG maker games go this is weak on gameplay side as well. Fodder content & grind.

Game length & replay value:

πŸ”² Very Short 1-3hr
βœ… Short 3-10hr
πŸ”² The Median 10-30hr
πŸ”² Long 30+ hr
πŸ”² Very Long 100+ hr
πŸ”² Was pain to finish once / dropped
βœ… One run fun
πŸ”² Few runs to see all routes / options
πŸ”² High replay value

Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… Plot is good enough for some context and progression
βœ… FMC is cute
❌ No character development…
❌ Aside FMC, rest of characters are pretty bleh

Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… FMC has solid enough voice acting
❔ Everything else is pretty much RPGmaker stock stuff.

Performance & Required Hardware:

βœ… Stick a cable in your potato
πŸ”² Low spec / average normal PC
πŸ”² Have gamer PC to an extent
πŸ”² High-end build
πŸ”² NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Extra comments: Not sure why I finished this…. hope direct sequel is better. But do I recommend this? No, there are much better hentai games to go around and without hentai this game would be even duller….

🌟 Total score: 🌟 5/10

Game status:
βœ… Finished

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