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Review layout:  Others

Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds

  Adult patch requirement:  

() Yes

(X) No


Dlsite ver


() Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.

() Bad MTL/translation, but playable

() Polished enough MTL/translation

(X) Proper translation with minor issues

() Great translation / native

 1-H Playability: 

() No time for „fun“

() Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“

()Gameplay & “fun” ratio leans on gameplay too much

(X) Balanced gameplay and „fun“

() Mouse only experience


PROs & CONs:

✅ Gallery Room

✅ Post-game / NG+ cheat tools

✅ Lewd statistics

✅ Lewd sfx / voices

✅ Okay’ish kinks

✅ Solid CGI

✅ Solid scenes

❔Sleep corruption pretty much


Pretty neato H-feature wise. You do mostly sleep training during night and during daytime keep your affection and stats up. Rinse & repeat that with some events and eventually choose which degeneracy route game goes.


PROs & CONs:

✅ Fun time/split management gameplay mechanic

✅ Route selection great


Aside what I mentioned in degeneracy comments. You eventually get multiple parts of the day for 1 action on what to do. And you have to manage your actions to not lower trust & affection stat too much, plus you need to achieve certain stats and requirements to unlock specific endings. Or just finish game once and use in-game cheat room to quickly see rest of endings if you don’t want to do them yourself.

Difficulty & The Grind


Management grind only. You need use action point to work to get money to buy stuff to do stuff to her. Nuff said.

 Game length & replay value:

(X) Very Short 1-3hr

() Short 3-10hr

() The Median 10-30hr

() Long 30+ hr

() Very Long 100+ hr


() Was pain to finish once / dropped

() One run fun

(X) Few runs to see all routes / options

() High replay value

 Story & Characters & Development: 

PROs & CONs:

✅ Adroable niece / FMC

✅ Development goes way you want with multiple routes

✅ Can be wholesome, can be not so wholesome.

✅ Running setting/story is simple enough.


Wish game would be longer and offer more.

Visuals & Audio

PROs & CONs:

✅ Good artstyle

❔Didn’t pay attention to other stuff.


 Performance & Required Hardware:

(X) Stick a cable in your potato

() Low spec / average normal PC

() Have gamer PC to an extent

() High-end build

() NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Extra Comments

Total Score:  7/10  

Game status:

(X) Finished

() Dropped


    1. think you plant it in her room while she outside of it? Then check recordings twice to trigger one of endings. One normally and one with drug. (it’s been long time since played this so can’t remember for certain)

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