Lewd game “review” Tina: Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison

Tina: Swordswoman of the Scarlet Prison on Steam

My scoring & reviews explained HERE


+for most part great CGI
+main story actually kinda interesting
+plenty of scenes
+fair amount of various kinks (tho be aware that lot of focus was on “bad odours”)
+some solid OST (and even some music with vocals )
+Lewd helpers absolutely good (gallery room gives unlock tips, game recommends saves for different slots to get all scenes quickly, in-game tips from NPCs. Great guidance basically to get everything lewd)
+Characters already strong and combat simple enough with few boss fight challenges a.k.a no grinding)
+Erkhe sidestory scenes were nice
+solid translation
+2 FMC’s who to alternate between as both offer diversity for looks and personality and both have their own fetishes.


-honestly for what game offered and how it offered I don’t particularly have any CON’s aside…
-me being blind and not noticing marker on floor to progress 1 scene tree. (yellowi’sh/white sparkle on white floor… hard to seee)


Most added to PROs and CONs. This is not exactly a corruption game… at first I thought if their moral code got altered or something… but it more like FMC’s were given a reason to do lewd things which lowered their moral bar and allowed them to melt into degeneracy. But still.. their story was fun, their scenes were hot, most of CG was solid, translation was pretty neat and game offered tons of useful guidance mechanics in order to get all lewd scenes without having to re-run game with guides and such.

Think only thing I kinda missed in this game (which wasn’t really required but I like in H-rpg games) was that it didn’t have the characters degeneracy menu for various counters/stats and states of the character.

So long story short this was very enjoyable hentai game created by the same maker who made Makina.


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