Lewd Game “review” – Summer Memories /w Append by “Dojin Otome”

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Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds


✅ Great pixel art
✅ Hot onee-sans and oba-san
✅ Initial gameplay element is fun
✅ Plenty of scenes
✅ Fair amount of kinks (as far as “vanilla’esque” scenes go)
✅ Multiple endings
✅ NG+ cheat tools
✅ Gallery room
✅ CGi’ish scenes also great
✅ If we forget the existence of the Father of the family then it’s pretty much vanilla harem
✅ All scene unlock switch NG+
❔ MC is shota


❌ Scene hunting becomes tedious eventually
❌ Too much repetition for 100% run


Hentai game with solid gameplay that ain’t the usual rpgmaker approach. It’s fairly solid H game with pixel art sprites and actual scenes. Shota living a dream with hot milf and onee-sans and is popular with neighbor ladies.
Overall it was pretty fun game, but for 100% completion it takes too much repetition by having to go to ng++++++++++ . But thankfully game will give you the “unlock all scenes” button after first run.
There are essentially side missions for extra lewds and overall art style is also pretty nice.
I personally would recommend playing the first time as you please and then just hit the unlock scenes switch to see rest of stuff.

Total Score:🌟7/10 🌟

Game status:✅ Finished

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