Lewds – Public Defense Corp – game “review”


+nice character design
+art & artstyle
+fairly easy gameplay to enjoy H element
+post-game “cheatscreen”
+some nice scenes n kinks

-way too fast sluttification, making most scenes irrelevant and dull
-sci’fi/mecha storyline not my cup of tea
-underground TV felt a bit tad too stupid

Well, as game it was simple enough. Getting all scenes ain’t hard and some of the scenes were quite hot. I did like the strong character plus she was fairly cute and sweet. But the speed of how fast she became corrupt/slut felt just too boring. It’s as she literally signed up to be a slut and in few days/weeks she reaches total conversion. (well, basically in a 1 week of game world time). Of course story I didn’t care about at all, as I am not into scifi/mechas/space overall, but the art n design was pretty neat. Having post-game “cheatscreen” to see all scenes instead of going through the whole game again plus “new game plus” is simply last mission. (to get different ending), which was very nice touch.

If game would been slightly longer and corruption would be slower (but not too serious/slow as that would be simply depressing), I feel the H element, would be much better.

In general in wasn’t a bad game, but a bit way off for my taste.


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