Game “review” – Code Vein

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+great tragic storytelling with vestiges
+story overall fairly enjoyable
+cool aesthetics designs (for characters, enemies, building/map structures)
+Aizen being Aizen (Juzo Mido)


-clusterfuck one colored map layouts
-music all over the place. Some are superb, some remind of those weird in a bad way god eater OST
-difficulty sudden jump from cathedral area
-combat feels rather weightless
-DLC’s are trash. Are not worth the price (get on 80% sale of something)


Not much to add. I did enjoy the aesthetics element of characters, bosses and such. I did love the tragic storytelling with fairly grim/heavy atmosphere. I did also enjoy my pantsu shot waifu character for a long white until the Hunter cathedral scene, where I had the need to rebrand my waifu into badass.

Music was so damn weird… some tracks were absolutely amazing, whilst some were really weird which reminded me of God Eater odd ost… which i’m not fond of.

Also for most part I had rather easy mode with game… follower one shotted most stuff, I killed most stuff quickly but moment I hit the Anor Londo of Code Vein (which had great structures designs, but damn everything had exactly same color scheme which made it look like unrendered product…) then difficulty spiked a lot.

DLCs…. are essentially fairly short dungeons with bullet sponge end bosses. Sort of a trial/challenge bosses who are reskins essentially. So waste of money…

The combat felt rather weightless for the most part…

All things considering.. it’s okay enough game. But going from Dark Souls to this is rather lackluster.


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