Anime “review” – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen 7/8/8/8/8

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P


What can I said, we got some murica this time around. Essentially we get US transfer student who has her own skillset and own baggage that comes with her drama storytelling. We still get tons of geeky magic aspect and plenty of GOT various “families” / nobilities / groups / organization hyper-threading bundle of story connections. . I still feel that 1st season was much more powerful than this season of the movie, but in the end it still was the same feel and fun I had with first season. Story for the most part had it’s underlying plot and most stuff got explained as needed, but there was bunch of human stupidity as per usual in the whole power hoarding and science for military fiasco. Also I loved the whole “AWW YEAH AMERICA!! Sending in their big guns. Tatsuya be like “bitch please”.”

In a nuthsell. Still very enjoyable, but also dumb.

\\\\\\\Spoiler ahead\\\\\\\

One thing that I seriously wonder how story would end up, is the whole relationship between Miyuki and Tatsuya. I will be EXTREMELY pissed of if author decides to go along whole

Miyuki family succession by selling Miyuki off to some guy who gets to breed her. Like seriously screw tha. I don’t care if it’s taboo but Miyuki X Tastuya is must OR only other thing I would accept that they both find their soulmates a.k.a be actually with someone who truly loves them and who they would love. But seeing how much Miyuki loves Tatsuya… I would rather go their route… honestly, if she will be sold off for political/succession reason and will be bred/touched by some cunt, I will fucking disown this Anime from my brain. -.- \\\\\\\



Rest the cast is mostly the same. We get few new characters. So let’s talk about the main new character. Ms. Shields, what can i say, she is pompous tsundere I guess ? Rest I can’t really say.. rest you learn by watching. She is okay character, I don’t dislike her, nor particularly love her.

Yotsuba familiy I enjoy. Hot Goth chicks everywhere.

Anyhow, rest of the cast is same as the first season. Some get more appearance, some less. We get some drama and development between characters. Tatsuya is basically character with epic selection of women or even build a harem, but won’t go after it. Because probably he also cares about Miyuki a lot.


✦Art & Sound✦

Music didn’t pay attention to this time around. But OST was noticeable.
As for art it’s still pretty tame, but designs and magic presentation is fun. I’m still fanboy for oldschool magic circles with runes and so on, but this geeky approach is also pretty neat.


Enjoyment & Overall✦

What can I say, I still enjoyed it quite a lot. But it wasn’t as epic/memorable than the first season. Plenty of action, some drama, some mystery, some romance bait, geeky magic, OP MC and so on ..


✦✦Final score✦✦: 8/10

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