Lewd game “review” – The Curse of Kubel

The Curse of Kubel on Steam

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+great FMC cute n hot
+gameplay much better than typical ero RPG’s.. u can focus more on lewd aspect than dull AF turn based combat
+great CGI art & voice acting
+tons of scenes of various variations
+corruption first step is a bit too steep, but then it’s just great
+lewd stats/reactions/journal “achieves” are superb touch
+very useful and functional gallery room


-wish they didn’t include the backstory drama/romance that much.. fucked up enjoyment aspect a lot as it’s NTR. In corruption games I like minimal backstory/setting, because I don’t like to get into the character in H-games if it’s fuckfest.
-a bit less steep corruption at start would been better.


Took me a while to finish it. Mostly as there were so many scenes and they were all rather good then simply had no energy to marathon the game . I did enjoy the FMC quite a lot and straightforward gameplay with grind made fun as there were scenes on different things that depended on your lewdness level. One of the better H-rpg games as it offers tons of good scenes, solid corruption, cute & hot FMC, great CGI quality and simply fun setting.


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