Anime “review” – Majo no Tabitabi

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⬛Review (short ver)
⚪ In a nutshell:
Overconfident naïve witch on a grand adventure who never learns.
✅ Great animation
✅ Great power/magic presentation
✅ Episodic location storytelling is great
✅ Fairly enjoyable side characters
❌ Main character does not grow at all
❌ Value of main character is pretty much non-existent
❌ Very naiive and moronic witch girl who has too much power
⬛Review (comments/longer ver)
So, about this Anime. I did love the episodic story telling. It was great, each place main character visited had it’s pros and cons, but for viewers enjoyment they always had something going on whereas main character was tossed for sakes of interaction of whatever was happening in place she was visiting. But honestly, that sums it up. I loved the animation and the feel of it. And each location story was fairly enjoyable on it’s on

But now comes the big downside for me. I felt that the main characters purpose was probably most pointless one out of this type of adventure / episode Anime (i.e Kino’s journey, Mushishi) . Yes she had a grand reason for adventure, but what was most annoying I felt that every time something “different” or “dramatic” or “traumatic” whatever…., happened on each episode, main character would grow from it. Become smarter, become more cautious. But nope, we still get narcissistic overconfident naive witch girl, who lollygags around, putting her nose into various issues and by the process essentially ignoring the ones that need help, or helping essentially those who shouldn’t been helped. Meaningly, MC has no sense of Justice or responsibility. Even, on the most serious episodes, next episode is like absolutely nothing happened. That is my main gripe with the show. And that reason alone lowered score for me by 1 point.

Other than that, Anime has beautiful animation and fairly good OST. Magic presentation is done well and witches look great. World itself is fairly fun with various uses of magic and their own quirks.

Anyhow…. If you like episodic Anime to get short stories of various circumstances with witches and magic, then give it a try. But if you expect journey of main characters growth, then be prepared to be disappointed.
⬛Total Score 6/10

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