Lewd game “review” – Scars of Summer (by Shinachiku-castella)


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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format:


πŸ’— Adult patch requirement: πŸ’—

βœ… Yes
πŸ”² No
Usual kagurapatch


πŸ”² Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.
πŸ”² Bad MTL/translation, but playable
πŸ”² Polished enough MTL/translation
βœ…Proper translation with minor issues
πŸ”² Great translation / native

πŸ’—1-H Playability:πŸ’—

πŸ”² No time for β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for β€žfunβ€œ
βœ… Balanced gameplay and β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Mouse only experience


βœ… Gallery Room
βœ… Post-game / NG+ cheat tools
πŸ”² Lewd statistics
πŸ”² Lewd body part β€žlevelsβ€œ
βœ… Scene guidelines (tips in gallery room & icons at locations)
PROs & CONs:
βœ… fair amount of kinks but mostly tame enough
❔Pinnacle of cucking/NTR game. Those who like will find it pro, those who don’t like me, find it con.
❔Ugly bastards for those who into it…


PROs & CONs:
βœ… A lot more interaction with stuff than usual H rpgmaker games
❌A bit confusing start regarding how to get H element. (you have to use FMC diary in her room and use mouse on hearts)
❌ Gallery unlocks only 1 route per game so no point doing multiple routes in single playthrough
❌ Vanilla route has cute ending…. but other than that the least awarding Vanilla ending game ever…
Gameplay aspect is pretty interesting. You do various activities with your MC to gather points. You use those points to unlock FMC memories, that somewhat is a goal for vanilla route. So the more you stick around with your childhood friend, the less likely any NTR routes unfold. Plus avoid β€ž!β€œ marks to trigger other routes. Also you get interesting phone calling and degeneracy board to know location of your girl. Other than that when you seperated with FMC, she is likely to get other route events.
First few hours I got damn confused where are all the lewd scenes… until I figured out that you can use mouse on calendar in her room to see events… so yeah a bit unusual.
As far as rpgmaker hentai games go I think this took a bit more unique approach. It’s combat free gameplay, but yet still offers actual gameplay.

Difficulty & Grind:

Mostly only grind you do is for memory unlocking, where you gather points by doing different activities.
Game length & replay value:

πŸ”² Very Short 1-3hr
πŸ”² Short 3-10hr
βœ… The Median 10-30hr
πŸ”² Long 30+ hr
πŸ”² Very Long 100+ hr
πŸ”² Was pain to finish once / dropped
πŸ”² One run fun
βœ… Few runs to see all routes / options
πŸ”² High replay value
Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… Unusually plenty of background story for a H rpgmaker game
βœ… Some running stories in the background on different routes plus the mainground running plot
❌ The less plot in H-games the less you care about character… this game has plenty of plot and focused around NTR … so you grow into characters and then it leaves you bad aftertaste. I’m not fond of darker kinks with story… Vanilla/harem sure. Everything else I just need the idea/setting/personality of the character and good lewds.

Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… Great art style
βœ… Lewd sfx
❔Plenty of ugly/ugly’sh bastard .
❌ No mono/dialogue voice acting

Performance & Required Hardware:

βœ… Stick a cable in your potato
πŸ”² Low spec / average normal PC
πŸ”² Have gamer PC to an extent
πŸ”² High-end build
πŸ”² NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end
Price-worth:Full price when wrote review:17EU
πŸ”² Not worth even for free
πŸ”² Get on -80% to -90% sale
πŸ”² Get on -60% to -70% sale
βœ… Get on -30% to -50% sale
βœ… Full price is fair enough
πŸ”² Full price if want to throw extra funds to devs face
Extra comments:

🌟 Total score: 🌟 7/10

Game status:
βœ… Finished
πŸ”² Dropped

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