Lewd game “review” – “A Plan to Restore the Town” by SurrenderMilk

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✅    FMC Is fairly cute

✅    Olden classy Anime girl artstyle

✅    Tons of scenes & gallery room

✅    Extremely dumb premise/plot but rather entertaining & comical

✅    “Progression” from the more degenerate you are the better your village becomes

✅    Plenty of fun kinks

✅    Multiple endings

❔    Fairly lengthy game for 100% (took me ~20hours with guide)


❌    No proper translation (but fan/MTL is readable)

❌    Art quality is pretty meh

❌    CGi variation is fairly minimal

❌    Without guide it’s extremely hard to find all scenes

❌    Lot of stuff is unfinished or without conclusion


What can I say. FMC is a only young girl in a poor dying village. And village elder had ingenious idea to make adult goods shop. (sex toys, pheromones, pills etc..). And of course, who else but young pretty gal to test the toys, advertise the goods, hunt for materials to make goods. Thus, promoting the village and bringing village to rich and lively life.

Anyhow, the premise is utterly ridiculous yet entertaining. There are plenty of scenes, thus giving you fairly enjoyable time. Art quality & CGi variations while are fairly basic, the quantity and variety of scenes through dumb AF plot makes it entertaining. Would I call it corruption? I mean yeah, first girl is reluctant and embarrassed, eventually gets into testing toys & chemicals and eventually becomes full on slut.

World is fairly vast, but easy teleport access makes it bearable for scene hunting. Another issue with game is that the story branches &  main story and various event scene trees felt fairly unfinished or abrupt to end.

Would recommend it a lot more if it would get proper translation and would feel like finished game. It’s worth a try though. But overall I personally enjoyed the game, the scenes, the girl and the time I spent on it.

Total Score:  7/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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