Anime “review” – Plunderer

Plunderer 5/6/7/6/6

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P

Wish i could write shorter reviews on AL … Anyhow.. story story… I have no bloody clue. The storytelling on this Anime felt all over the place. Lot of things were trying to fit in at the same time… it just generally felt all over the place. The pacing, timing, genres, drama, romance, scenes, action, reveals … felt rather chaos. There were plenty of things I were intrigued or interested about, but all of them were somewhat plundered in that attempt of a storytelling. There were plenty of times where I were thinking that “why…?” or “I don’t even care anymore..” Such a wasted potential in an Anime that could have been straightforward fun. A lot of things felt in storytelling rather half-baked. Somehow of a “hmm.. I got an Idea, but I’m not sure how to express it , but lets toss it in nevertheless”. MY POINT being that it isn’t exactly what I would say “bad” or “good” it just feels not thoroughly thought about how to express the whole scenario in this Anime.

To add something then the whole world & principle and how stuff got revealed there was rather interesting and cool.. was rather dark, had interesting concept and on top of that rather gruesome. But once again, how they decided to run with the story.. it just felt rather obnoxiously dumb I guess?

Comedic value was also odd, hate or love it. Wasn’t my cup of tea, but had few chuckles.


Well, first things first. Licht harem gud harem. Main guy personality feels like those usually ecchi harem protagonists that get their power out of their perversion. Like certain vampire Anime, BUT a half baked version of it. Once again…. MC feels all over the place where at some point lost interest in his backstory or personality. But eh.. yet he has such a loving harem…

Hina & Lynn are my choice of waifus.

Other than that there are once again a bit more interesting stereotypes of characters than I’m used to and some side-characters that offer some intrigue / mystery to the.

In the end though.. very chaotic cast of characters and their story & progression was also really odd.

I did love some aspects, like how romance actually went somewhere. But I have a bit of a mixed feelings how it was conveyed… not sure exactly why though. Fanservice was pleasant in most cases… felt odd at times.


✦Art & Sound✦
Honestly I’m not even sure if there was music of any sorts.

But I did like the art & animation.


Enjoyment & Overall✦
Lot of chaos, but found enjoyment in it. A bit random finale… Honestly I have more stuff to tell, but I don’t like doing analysis type of reviews. My reviews are just general thoughts & feelings I had regarding Anime, in a sense “self logging” for Anime. Now is the part of self-entertainment where I have to hit character cap to actually save this “review”.

Ara ara Licht-kun


✦✦Final score✦✦: 6/10

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