Anime “review” – Carole & Tuesday

Carole & Tuesday

Carole & Tuesday 7/7/8/8/8

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P

To be honest, when I first saw the trailer many years ago I expected heavy drama Anime that is conveyed with emotional music. Maybe something like “White album 2” . In truth…. it was more of music Anime with some drama to it. Were I disappointed? A bit, but nevertheless I enjoyed the storytelling and music here. We got bits and bobs of various drama with tons of really odd and somewhat mysterious backstory to it. Can even say some plot twists. This Anime is very western take on music & drama, which means there are plenty of things I dislike as western culture can be rather … not my cup of tea. Whilst at the same time it was rather solid take with some usual Anime / eastern morals.

Anyhow, lot of story elements somehow surfaced but drowned as fast. Which was somewhat confusing as of why they decided to do various story elements in such a passing by method.

Also the concept of the world in this Anime where music and a lot of other things are ruled by AI essentially is rather depressing, but I guess this Anime is a method to promote human element and importance in music (if not everywhere) … in a really sweet and dramatic manner. From start to end I loved how the music was presented and how well emotions were conveyed.

Long story short, it’s a sweet Anime take on western music that offers pleasant music in a way it’s conveyed. Bits and bobs of interesting drama and some mysterious story elements.


Don’t want to talk much about characters as it’s type Anime that it’s more fun to learn about characters while watching. But long story short, there are plenty of more less stereotypical characters we are used to seeing in Anime. With some pseudo layers of complexity, but that comes always with characters if it’s more of drama genre. There where bunch of characters I were kinda annoyed by and just pure comedy “just why” characters… but I guess that is the cost of trying to be more “western”.

Anyhow.. Carole, Tuesday, Angela are our main focus… to sum it up. Carole is rough neighborhood strong independent black woman type of character … I guess.. with dreadlocks ofc… . Tuesday is basically blondie rich teen that wants her own life.. and Angela is essentially a messed up druggie. Is how I would sum them up. Tuesday I liked, she was fairly cute but oblivious…

There were some more fun side characters as well that were comedy in a good way.. not like some others.

Anyhow, we got plenty of backstory, some drama and development. But most important part is of course their nice journey in music.


✦Art & Sound✦

What can I say…. loved the Art and enjoyed most of the music a lot. Of course plenty of songs weren’t my cup of tea, but loved the way they were presented. Anyhow, music is good enough to listen on youtube / spotify afterwards).


Enjoyment & Overall✦
Not exactly a type of Anime I expected it to be a after watching initial PV, but it was joyful, interesting a tad more unique and likable Anime that gives it a try on western music & drama. Not my top Anime in music genre, but one of the most enjoyable ones for sure.


✦✦Final score✦✦: 8/10

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