Anime “review” – Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru FRANCHISE

NOTE: THIS IS WHOLE FRANCHISE REVIEW (can’t be bothered to review them separate)

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Sometimes, magical girls life ain’t so easy and cute.


✅Pretty interesting story concept
✅Grandiose magical girl fights
✅Epic soundtrack
✅Cute girls doing cute stuff is very cute.
✅Very likeable characters with solid variation of stereotypes
✅Quite satisfying way to close things up for the change of the usual


❌Story points, where you ask “but why even that was done, if that was conclusion?”
❌A bit weird timeline flex with presentation
❌Very strong tearjerker factor just for sakes of it
❌Yo, where is Yuuki X Tougou yuri end?

Review (comments/longer ver):


The story…hmm to put it shortly the good is that the world setting and the concept of story is amazing and cruel. The world is built around civilization being shattered, human panic, stuff being hidden and gods playing role. And per usual, religion being a cu**. Each season/story arc have it’s issues but few things apply to every story for the whole franchise. But in a nutshell. There are invaders, there is a Holy Tree that protects the world, there is religion called Taisha. Taisha has somehow Tree knowledge to empower the Tree to keep protecting world.

The “calm” of the franchise. And the “storm” of the franchise.

Lets talk about the “calm”. Essentially we get amazing slice of life of cute girls doing cute stuff. Mostly playing heroes of daily commute activities. Helping neighborhood. With moeblob era of remind me of K-on times. Very cute interactions and progression. Although what is done well, whilst at times (well, only for the movies at least felt so) feels too much of slow burner was the whole “calm” part being for too long. Plenty of slow presentation of girls living daily life , doing various activities.

Now to the “storm”. Oh boy, and I’m not talking about the action here as of yet. I mean the drama, the “Taisha/religion goup” reveals, twists being unveiled and messed around throughout the franchise is a trainwreck. And I mean not in a sense “it’s absolute garbage” but I mean in sense of “why the hell they have to toss so much hell on those girls”. After the whole moeblob episodes when the damn shit starts to get real, it hits hard. Things get dark fast and powerful.

The only issues I had would be season specific which I will shortly mention next. But as finishing touch for the whole franchise story aspect I will mention that much. Overall the story had great dark premise that was interesting, tragic, dramatic and powerful. There is no doubt in that. Regardless of it’s flaws in story downsides and questionable choices it was still a rather good storytelling when it comes to “tragic magical girls” type of story.

Season 1, the main squad shenanigans.
To put it simply the main issue I had here without spoiling anything. I think “price” value lost somewhat it’s point with how they decided to go with the story.
Which yes, is nice and all and required later on. But when I watched it my honest reaction was “but….eh…..why?”

Season 2, the prequel
Man….. I watched the movie versions. And my main complaint for this movie was the slower burner part of the first two movies I think? The slice-of-life part felt especially slow in these movies. That’s my only complaint here. Other than that…. ;_;

Season 3, the sequel
Probably was the strongest season for me, didn’t really have much of complaint or than the fact of getting over of season 1 finale self question. Couldn’t accept it still for few episodes. Then I didn’t have the emotional capacity to worry about that anymore.

Season 4, the sequel different point of view and the finale.
Okay…. that was a bloody weird to watch especially since I was binge watching everything In a row. So suddenly I’m re-watching season 3 just from a different characters viewpoint. Obviously new characters, new plot gets revealed new activities. But it was simply such a weird thing to experience. Overall what was revealed were interesting plot points that did explain few extra bits but more than anything it generated few more questions and more hatred towards Taisha and the Tree.

The finale itself, without spoiling. It’s not much. It’s aftermath of everything for a bit. That gives a glimpse into future. I personally think it was fitting enough, but would have liked a bit longer section of that part.


First of all, great stereotypes. Lot of cute characters with amazing quirks. Character interactions are LOT OF FUN and lovable. Dialogues, them messing with each other is entertaining and funny. Character drama, theatrics is POWERFUL, kept me quite most of the time on the edge, stressed and quite depressed and furious about the damn Tree and Taisha. Felt bad for the girls. The character growth themselves is somewhat debatable, they had their moments of realization, but mostly it was the magical girl emotions route. By that I mean girls thinking something alongside of “gotta get over it, hold that pain inside me, get stronger, not time to worry, not to hurt them” etc…. whilst did their characters actually ever grow in the series? I’d say somewhat, but mostly I’d say rather not, most of the character changes came from plot changes after seasons changes that simply changed their roles on what each character does, whilst personality’wise they remained the same. Only thing changed is their position in “society” I guess. Even in the whole grand finale.

That I think applies for the both main girls and the prequel story girls. As for the 4th season alternate point of view girls. Honestly, they felt too much of a side-characters to either grow into them or care about them. Although as characters they were okay, I personally found that didn’t have as much weight nor charm in their character as main story characters or prequel story characters.

✦Art & Sound

Simple moeblob design with amazing magical girl battle sequences. Whilst the animation isn’t the most impressive it was still great enough. The soundtrack I loved, lot of great OST that I even listened separate on youtube.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

Well, Madoka styled magical girls Anime, where animation style and visual design is less stylish and unique but honestly. The content was better for me. Also let me get this out. Fuck that Tree and fuck Taisha. Heroes are creatures who are obviously also mentally deranged, self-gratification from “serving the world-every living creature” without bias, entertaining to watch, but this story was prime example where just, just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Let the world burn. Just enjoy your time with your close friends instead.

Gut wrenching franchise with amazing music and intriguing world and story. But yeah, poor girls. Probably would have something more to write and mention about, rant about. But that should sum it up as spoiler free as I can.

⬛Total Score 7/10

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