Anime “review” – Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu SEASON 1

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Social deject meets hungry Angel


✅Extremely sweet interactions between characters
✅Lovable and suiting character dynamics
✅Side characters fit the bill of character surroundings and lifestyles
✅Very pleasant art style
✅Fitting yet not too dominant OST
✅Slow subtle yet fitting progression between characters

❔man…. I loved every second of this show can’t think of any con. Both content wise and artistic presentation wise… and personal attachment wise….

Review (comments/longer ver):


What can I say… it’s a romcom with lot of sweet romrom aspect. Main shine of the show was presenting lot of sweet moments between main characters without their love life getting any confirmation officially (inbetween them). Essentially it’s extremely sweet romantic situations about characters at first self-discovering their interest in love, accepting it, gathering courage slowly for it, whilst eventually whole world sees it yet characters themselves are too stubborn too affirm it inbetween. BUT, the way this anime presents it is absolutely sweet and fitting and lovable. We do get development, just in different manner than usual romance form in Anime. In uprising pure manner even though characters do have realistic naughty side to them. So as far as story goes, the concept is rather simple, but the way it’s presented and conveyed to the viewer. Well, to me personally it was what I expect from romance genre. It was sweet, cute, beautiful and simply adoring to watch.

So if you expect romance Anime where you get to see in 1 season progressive relationship stages, don’t. It’s not “slow paced” it simply has different approach and it does it well. At least so it felt when compared to the usual romcoms that are actually “slow paced” or don’t go anywhere. But ey… even those I consider are much better than some “modern take romance anime” that take the western approach. (the day 2 bedding, then switch like socks)

But long story short. Story excels at presenting sweet sequences between main lead characters with great world around them that feeds their situations for even better moments, whilst slowly developing relationship between the leads.


A lot I mentioned in story aspect, story and character go hand to hand in romance genre. But what I can add separate here are main characters themselves for starters.

Male lead is “edgy” social reject in a sense with piece of degeneracy. Well, mostly self-implemented though. Very socially awkward, mostly in own bubble, with odd interests and some issues. Although, funnily enough not bullied. Relatable character, but that I will rant a bit later on about as it’s off topic.

Female lead lives in opposite world of social life. Extroverted beautiful model with outgoing lifestyle and bunch of girlfriends, with some cute quirks. Yet, morally strong when it comes to love & relationships.

And that is second Anime with SIMILAR character dynamics that I enjoyed quite a alot. (dress up darling was similar in a sense). What makes that dynamic great in my personal opinion is that for a person who is mostly alone with no social life with “closed heart” with it’s own closed bubble hobbies and small world. Having that “true love” love interest of opposite spectrum in such manner is essentially “Life turning” as that character brings that sunshine into characters world. Drags around to places where usually otherwise that character wouldn’t go and so on. And with such dynamic as long the couple is together, basically any activity together is joyful and longing to watch. And this Anime did splendid job at that. Felt that almost every interaction did what it suppose to do.

Also side characters were also fitting entertainment. From male lead side we essentially had some degenerate filler characters who had purpose of triggering main character because of their sexual remarks of female lead and guilty tripping main character. Pseudo bullying, making use of being socially corner due to having noone to back you up and so on. From female lead we had the “gal” types with bunch of girl talks to pressurize main lead occasionally or create situations between both of them. And various other side characters that had great roles for creation of various situations for main character dynamics.

Now…. whilst we didn’t have the traditional romance development of reached in 12 episodes more intimate relationship stages, we did get obvious progression between main characters and somehow what I found also so light hearted about this Anime is how understand the rest were around them. So how the story will bloom 2nd season and from there on onward, is something that I’m waiting.

✦Art & Sound

Animation is pretty, art is nice enough. Emotions were amazingly conveyed in animation. OST felt fitting, not too dominant nor too transient. Great opening by Yorushika, nothing else to add. Very pleasant overall.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

Pretty much most of stuff I conveyed in my story and character paragraph. It’s very lighthearted and sweet romance Anime that is filled of cute moments, discovering feeling of love and slow and progressive blossoming towards their eventual but most definite future. Especially good if you can relate a bit being a bit dark person with socially awkward or isolated life.

You can STOP READING here, here comes a bit of my extra ranting why I had so much extra personal enjoyment value in this Anime. Well, probably like I already mentioned about character dynamics. On paper and ideally I think the idea is beautiful that if personally you are dark mindset person, with minimal social life, odd hobbies and a bit of degen who doesn’t go anywhere and can’t nor knows how properly socialize ends up meeting and falling in love with someone of opposite spectrum and if you are truly lucky enough and that other person also sees something in you and falls for you. Then pretty much 100% earlier stages that person will be the one will be assertive, talk to you, get close to you, drag you around, melt you with sweetness, bring that “sunlight” in your life, “open you” and that way you over time more freely and awkwardly start expressing yourself towards her. That’s why I find this type character dynamic really REALLY damn sweet and adoring. It’s simply cute and something to long for. It’s amazing fiction and fantasy that simply never would happen. But eh…. one of the reasons why romance genre is one of my favorite genre in Anime since childhood.

⬛Total Score 10/10 +💛 Favorited

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