Lewd game “review” – Oni Boku [laplace]

Tải Oni Boku Molesting Ogress Girl [English-Uncen] Crack

Non-steam BBcode degen game reviews format. “My reviews & scorings explained”. W.I.P Will not include this sentence in reviews once my review format is finalized and blog updated.

Review Type: Normal / Lewd
Translation: 2/5

  1. Very broken translation / MTL, wait for better.
  2. ✅Bad MTL, but playable✅
  3. Polished MTL
  4. Proper translation with few issues
  5. Good translation.

One handed playability: 4/5

  1. Too busy playing the game than enjoying the H aspect
  2. Lewd scenes / moments too short for “fun”
  3. Handsy, alternation between gameplay and “fun”
  4. ✅Mouse is all you need✅
  5. Long self-playing scenes.

Degeneracy: (kinks amount & variety, scenes amount & variety, other useful lewd features3/5

Pretty tame kinks wise. It’s fairly vanilla wholesome game although. You can also check gallery after game. But scenes being pseudo animated/dynamic was a nice touch.

+Cute caring oni being kinky with you
+Very simple and straightforward gameplay
+-Mouse play movement gameplay for those who like.
Game length & Re-playability:

  • ✅Very short ~5 hr ✅
  • Short ~10 hr
  • The median 10-30 hr
  • Long 30+ hr
  • Very long 100+ hr


  • Couldn’t be bothered to even finish it.
  • Was pain to finish
  • ✅One time fun✅
  • Play again for nostalgia or jolly coop
  • Few runs to unlock all stuff / routes
  • Tons of re-playability value

Difficulty & grind:

  • ✅ The “auto” gameplay. You don’t do jackshit. ✅
  • The stroll. Fairly linear presentation.
  • The sport. You get lewds fairly easy and often, thus keeping you busy.
  • The balance. Some lewds require a bit more effort but is worth it
  • Noone cares. Some lewds are pointlessly difficult to achieve
  • There are better options. Too tedious for lewds.. rather play something else


  • Too grindy
  • Some grind
  • Minimal grind
  • ✅ No grind✅

Game setting & characters & development: 3/5
+cute little story about oni being dominant then submissive
+her dialogue was sweet for most part and a bit teasing. Obviously cuz its oni
+wraps up well
Visual/art quality: 4/5
Very solid and sweet art style. Plus to some extent dynamic/animated.
Voice/audio quality: 4/5
Her voice acting was very satisfying.

Performance & required hardware:

  • Stick a cable in your potato
  • ✅Can manage modern low spec✅
  • Average PC make-do
  • Have “gamer pc” to an extent
  • High-end PC
  • NASA PC because game is most likely optimized like garbage or just ultra-high end set-up game

Overall rating: 6/10

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