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✅ Pleasant artstyle
✅ Very enjoyable world (nice looking, fancy) (Never liked aquatic themed things like first games had)
✅ As usual great narrative presentation, did enjoy the story itself as well this time
✅ Elizabeth sidekick is cute and how she interacts with stuff/idle animations are cute
✅ No more switching between 100 weapons constantly because of running out of ammo
✅ With Elizabeth combat is more dynamic and interesting (give free stuff, opens rifts that give you combat assistance
✅ Gore is nice
✅ Abilities have projectile and trap mode
✅ Love the mystery eccentric duo
✅ Skylines are fun
✅ Executions


❌ Some missing graphic settings that you are force to tweak in config (i.e motion blur, DoF, UI scaling)
❌ Don’t like the Charlie Chaplin styled lore reels
❌ Wish “enter” could be rebinded… literally only key I have to travel across the keyboard to do things..
❌ Mouse sensitivity is lowered a lot when sprinting
❌ Story’wise Elizabeth can be quite obnoxious (but overall she was great)
❌ No manual saving
❌ Whats with ammo quantity at the later part of the game…
❌ Ability based key interaction were minimal / introductionary


Pretty comical how Elizabeth warps around the moment you turn around camera. I somehow managed to get myself stuck as well in the first 30min of gameplay (jumped on stuff then got eventually stuck)
One thing that I found annoying but were at start like “hmm that’s nice”. Is the ammo management. First half of the game or even more, you get ammo everywhere and Elizabeth also gives you free ammo… but after certain threshold in game ammo becomes suddenly so scarce, which was really annoying. I mostly were forced to melee around as I hate collecting random guns on the ground from enemies as not only I haven’t upgraded em, but also that ruins my meta gameplay. I usually end up choosing guns I like the most, upgrading them and using the whole game, which was really nice at first half of the game as I got 0 ammo issues.
With weapon upgrades you have to be picky. As throughout the game I could upgrade only 2 weapons fully.
If compared to previous installations…. I enjoyed this the most. Artstyle was more pleasant, enjoyable sidekick, more entertaining characters and world was much much more fun and pleasant to explore. Sky islands with skylines was tons of fun. Also gunplay wasn’t so obnoxious. As you essentially could pick between plenty of weapons that you like the most and upgrade them. Plus boost your choice of gunplay with gear and abilities. By the end I rolled with rifle and RPG with projectile shield and crows as ability. Damn crows were OP, they essentially disabled the whole arena, especially once you get upgrades for it. Another thing that made gunplay more fun is that you didn’t have to constantly switch between weapons as you got plenty of ammo and with gear could get even more. Previous bioshock stories were maybe more “realistic” in a sense… had sense of mystery.. but this was simply purer form of entertainment. There were fun twists, eccentric elements and more straightforward premise.
As for DLCs there is challenge mode I couldn’t be bothered and story DLC of different parallel world. In story DLC we back to aquatic world sadly…. And ammo became cancer again. I ran out of ammo so often that were forced to melee shit…. Also think I liked this Elizabeth the most, she hot.
Part 2 intro was, interesting for sure I guess for lelz? Lockpicking minigames, going through vents, sneak killing enemies, using enemies against each other is essentially part 2.
Part 1 of DLC focuses on action/gunplay, part 2 focuses on stealth
Bioshag trinity

🌟 Total score: 7/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished

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