Lewd game “review” – The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters by “Mogurasoft”

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✅ High quality Visuals

✅ Gameplay is fairly fun side view metroidvania’ish

✅ Plenty of outfits and all affect scenes (and your combat stats as well)

✅ Main character can be customized from get go (body, face looks etc..)

✅ Fair weapon selection

✅ Plenty of skills to unlock including useful passives

✅ Hentai scenes are long to keep you busy for a while

✅ Scenes are high quality & variety of fetishes

✅ Superb voice acting

✅ Story is fairly straightforward and enjoyable

✅ Enjoyable character stereotypes & proper character growth/development

✅ Lot of scenes are game over specific BUT if you finish a level without losing you can still unlock the scene in level selection

✅ Played on normal difficulty, was challenging on occasion, but in general fair difficulty

✅ Lewd crest development was NOICE

✅ Game actually tells you when you can unlock a H scene

❔ Story is rather grim though

❔ Voice acting is too good for hentai genres that this game presents…

❔ I think her intimate body parts progressively changed as well the more she went through


❌ Last levels optimization was kinda shit (on my end at least)

❌ Because main H tags are fairly violent then superb voice acting left me very bad aftertaste… (strong focus on rape, brutality, ryona)

❌ Played on normal difficulty, was challenging on occasion, but in general fair difficulty

❌ Some rather niche mechanic boss fights (grim reaper was most obnoxious for me)

❌ Sadly most scenes are forced thus you get lot of painful and breakage type of voice acting / dialogues

❌ Last few levels are also quite clusterfuck and feels like they started rushing game to the finish

❌ Like any this type of metroidvania’ish game. At certain threshold it becomes very repetitive

❌ Ey where is x-ray vision

❌ Don’t remember seeing much of H stat screens


Okay for starters. FMC Is fairly kiddish, I plumped her up in customization. Made her similar to her older sister but a bit less developed variant. Vanilla was too loli for my taste.

2nd, this game is probably the best voice acting quality I’ve heard in a long time in hentai games, BUT it’s double edged sword. Since this game is heavily focused on forced sex, ryona (sexual brutality) and all sorts of other forced genres… then it leaves extremely bad aftertaste. (if you don’t like forced tags) If game has proper character, development in a way you grow into character…. Then this type of tags are simply not nice… Tried to ignore that part, but yeah…. I felt bad for her and I felt bad in general, could still enjoy scenes, just left much stronger bad aftertaste. Not really my cup of tea. If it comes to forced genres, NTR or cheating then make it simple premise, with set characters and hot scenes… but don’t make me grow into character then I’ll be furious.

Now moving on. What I love about H scenes, not only they are extremely high quality scene players, long but also all the outfits had outfit damage and also states. Another great H feature was that game actually gives you a little info bubble when you can unlock a scene and ON TOP OF THAT you don’t actually have to lose. You can legit finish the level and then in the level selection menu unlock the scene afterwards. So no save scumming for scenes

As for game itself. It’s a sidescroller combat platformer or metroidvania’ish game basically. (simply linear version). You have large skill tree with various abilities to unlock & various passives. You have plenty of weapon types to play around with as well. For most part it’s fairly easy combat, but it can be challenging on some maps depending on your placement & weapon. Combat during platforming is nightmare as always. There were some bosses that had extremely niche functionality on how you can damage/beat them, that was something that annoyed me occasionally… It took me too many times to beat death reaper, simply because how he could be damaged was obnoxious to achieve.

Story & Characters are fairly good. Main story is enjoyable and has some entertaining plot twists and maybe even references. Main character duo/sisters had great development and growth as well. Also the loli side-kick that shows up later in the game was pure bliss as character and scenes.

Top notch visuals and voice acting. But optimization felt bad at later stages… (maybe because I played with higher texture quality mod & uncensored , who knows. But basically, the last gothic map lag the hell out, rest ran just fine in capped fps)

I probably have forgotten few things to mention, but ANYHOW as whole. It’s one of the highest quality 3D hentai Games I have played. But I do not recommend this for those who can’t deal with forced sex tags and brutality…. Hell.. I personally hate those tags, so digesting this was not easy. That alone lowers score 1-2 point wise as whole…

Total Score: 8/10

Game status:

✅ Finished


  1. Thanks for the review, it really helped me decide whether or not to play this game.

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