Game “review” – Agony UNRATED

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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format: Normal, lazy
✅ Artsy (world, creatures, design, puzzles, game mechanics)
✅ Lot of secrets / collectibles
✅ Multiple endings
✅ Challenge (agony) and power mode (succubus)
✅ Main menu had model viewer and all collectibles could been seen there
✅ Some fairly interesting gore aspect
❔ Semi-interesting plot
❔ Lot of puzzle solving for those who want it
❔ Hell chicks ?
❌ Artsy – very clusterfuck world design, made it quite difficult for me to understand most of the time where I’m going or what I’m looking at (main reason I gave up non exploration then I started rushing for end)
❌ World Design issues – lot of places you expect to able to go you can’t and lot of places where you can get stuck or fall off the world
❌ Pretty shitty optimization
❌ A lot of awkward animations
❌ Lot of awkward gameplay mechanics
❌ Lot of locked animation scenes
I mean… it’s one of the games that belongs to art gallery… but as game… eh.. it had a lot of issues. Aside shitty optimization there were tons of awkward animations & puzzles.
Also because it’s extremely artsy… yet game itself tries to promote exploration….yeh.. didn’t really go well together. It was such a clusterfuck world design’wise. Most of the time I had difficulty understand where I’m going, is the area climbable/interactable and so on…. I ended up on multiple occasions in places where I fell into unintended area or just off the map, whilst on the other side there were plenty places that looked like explorable/climbable yet had invisible wall.
Anyhow…. It was interesting to look at, but got very fast obnoxious to actually play. At some point I simply yeeted in random direction until I got to right direction and thus mostly running through the game. Some secrets and explorations are pretty neat but yeah… too tedious to achieve for me.
Do I recommend it? For an interesting experience sure… give it a try. For a functional game… meh… too awkward.
Basically another of those games I don’t want to recommend nor “not recommend” wish there was middle point button in steam.

🌟 Total score: 6/10 🌟
Game status:
✅ Finished

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