Game “review” – Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster

My scoring & reviews explained HERE


+OG story is great
+tons of interaction possibilities (map interactions, ways to deal with zombies, inventory interactions
+tons of puzzle solving for those who like it (I don’t – solving em doesn’t give me any satisfaction, more of relief only)
(+)Resource management/inventory management for those who like it…. u have 6 slots and u have to deal with tons of items with those slots. Can’t even drop shit, only put in box.
+In comparison to old game visuals are pretty damn good.


-horrid voice acting. Damn it felt like uber socially awkward people doing stage act..
-the inventory management is absolute nightmare (I’m hoarder…. it was so damn obnoxious to constantly run back to chest)
-No autosaving or limited saves. U lose power? Game crashes? Die to stupid shit because u curious? Doesn’t matter, if u don’t save often U lose lot of time. But u can’t save too often… saves are limited. (I know it’s classic RPG thing…. but I never been fond of this type of save systems in games…)


I played only as Chris.. will check youtube movie of Jill playthrough later on.. and if have any extra things to add/comment will add them here.

Anyhow.. I have finished only RE4,5,6 and barely touched the old ones during my childhood. Anyhow… these classic games are great for explorations, story is intriguing enough… and whoever loves puzzle solving with horror then this is a great game. I managed to get few jumpscares because I relaxed my self now and then in the areas I already cleared…. yeah burn those things or blast their heads off. (leave to RNG.. can’t really aim much in that game). I simply detested the inventory/save system. I got puzzle piece.. I ran through every room I could to see if they had any use….. no… toss in chest. Stuff I knew what are used for…cool, search still every room to find where to use the damn item. From this point on I started using interactive map to at least quickly find where I have to go again, even If I got the location of my goal, i still got lost a lot… too many rooms in such a maze of a house plus the one way doors.. Oh and on few occasions I had full inventory and were long way from the chest…. so Had to go allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back to make some space. Think once even I backtracked, saw enemy, let if hit me. So I would be able to use my first aid kit, it hit me once. (HP was Caution) But couldn’t heal myself yet, so I were like, okay then let it hit me again. **DIES** and had to do alll the shit I did past 40min again…. yeah.. fuck this.

Anyhow… first 8 hours I played without any guide… I got to a point where I finally could go courtyard….only read minimal tips because on certain points I literally just walked around emptily around the rooms non stop for hours of total nothingness.. that was obnoxious. And honestly I don’t feel like playing through 1 campaign for 100 hours where 80% of the time I’m simply lost or waste time on puzzle. 1 puzzle room activated trap if you take a key. I had another key on me, wanted to put me in. But apparently no…. i needed a specific fake key that I got much later in the game for it… so yeah.. and some puzzles were absolute BS… Few literally needed an item that I thought was simply background object -.-….

Anyhow.. then I just finished rest of the game with walkthrough help…. didn’t do much of finding or puzzle solving because of that, but did see what kind of stuff it offered. There are tons and tons of different interaction methods for progressions…. which for puzzle loves is absolutely great. I personally never get any satisfaction of puzzle solving.. I only get relief that I’m finally done with this bollocks..

Moral of the story…. if you like utilizing your brain more in games and get some tense mood and scares alongside then this is amazing game.


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