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Resident Evil 8: Village' Is a Storyteller's Take On Horror Gaming – The  Daily Utah Chronicle


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Review format: Normal


PROs & CONs:
✅ Inventory system is beautiful (large space (upgradeable), stuff separated in tabs (items, crafting, key))
✅ Good map system. Icons get marked, cleared areas show blue
✅ For breakables you get interaction toggle instead having to manually switch to knife (you still can shoot)
✅ Great world design
✅ Fun boss fights
✅ Fun exploration
✅ Game genre separation (each part of the area/goal feels like a different game genre) [shooter, horror, puzzling, escape]…
✅ Mommy milkers and daughters 😊 *Mods ahem.*
✅ NG+ weaponry
✅ Point system great for next run unlocks
❔ No storage, but you pretty much use merchant as storage.
❔Story kinda confuse? (I kinda lost track of some story elements…)
❌ Character upgrade initially not clear enough
❌ A lot of back / forwards running to get everything.
❌ Full explore mommy milkers milf and her thotty daughers map before exiting as yo cannot return to it.
Only annoyance I had my first playthrough was the character upgrades / food… first food I got it told me to bring it to duke. So I thought it was another item to sell for currency… but alas… not it was not. I sold my meat and thus lost my chance to get few character upgrades…
There was also a lot of back n forwards running to get all the treasures… but wasn’t much of an issue as you get some shortcuts and such that are well placed.
Other than that. Game is not extremely atmospheric like RE2 remake as whole, but. Instead we get sections of game that are just atmospheric enough depending on genre it takes place in. The “horror” area of this game had great atmosphere. Puzzling keeps you tense enough, shooter part is simple and fun gunfight with variety of enemies to deal with. Escape part of the game is tense enough.
Difficulty & Grind: Since I’m binging through RE franchises I’m long done playing with limited ammunition. So I rolled with inf ammo. And gotta say.. I did die on few boss fights and few elite fights. Puzzles are pretty straightforward and some are pretty fun. You get the interesting ball rolling puzzles, some typical puzzling and some picture based treasure hunting. Anyhow.. I played first run on normal and it did offer me challenge now and then.

Game length & replay value:

🔲 Very Short 1-3hr
🔲 Short 3-10hr
✅ The Median 10-30hr
🔲 Long 30+ hr
🔲 Very Long 100+ hr
🔲 Was pain to finish once / dropped
✅ One run fun
🔲 Few runs to see all routes / options / unlock everything
🔲 High replay value

Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
✅ Intriguing story
✅ Vampire’ish approach setting/world/character wise
✅ Very entertaining characters
❔A lot of mystery

Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:
✅ Great design for visuals & audio
✅ Great visual fidelity and quality
✅ Sound was impressive enough
✅ Great voice acting

Performance & Required Hardware:

🔲 Stick a cable in your potato
🔲 Low spec / average normal PC
✅ Have gamer PC to an extent
🔲 High-end build
🔲 NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end


❌Survival Resources Pack
❌Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm
❔Trauma Pack – get if want some extra fluff and lore
✅Extra Content Shop All Access Voucher – Note it makes game noticeable easier. Essentially DLC to skip re-play grind for shop items.
Price-worth:Full price when wrote review:60EU
🔲 Not worth even for free
🔲 Get on -80% to -90% sale
🔲 Get on -60% to -70% sale
✅ Get on -30% to -50% sale
🔲 Full price is fair enough
✅ Full price if want to throw extra funds to devs face

🌟 Total score: 8/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished + 💛 Favorited 💛
🔲 Dropped

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