Lewd game “review” – Evil Maiden (by KIRINJET)

Reviewing info: How I rate/review and other info is HERE . W.I.P This sentence will not be included if review format is finalized and blog updated.
Review layout: Other
Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
Adult patch requirement:
() Yes
✅ No
() Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.
() Bad MTL/translation, but playable
() Polished enough MTL/translation
✅ Proper translation with minor issues
() Great translation / native
1-H Playability:
() No time for „fun“
() Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“
✅ Balanced gameplay and „fun“
() Mouse only experience
✅ Gallery Room
✅ Post-game / NG+ cheat tools
✅ Lewd statistics
❌ Lewd body part „levels“
❌ Scene guidelines (tips in gallery room & icons at locations)
PROs & CONs:
✅ Fair amount of scenes
✅ Okay’ish kink variety
✅ FMC hot enough
✅ Lewd SFX
❌ Tame non variety CGI
❌ Not particularly corruption..
Eh… was okay.. had fair amount of scenes that were kinky enough. But nothing worth mentioning tbh.
PROs & CONs:
✅ Easy combat & nor abundance of it
✅ Start game modes. (normal and full lewdness start)
❌ Bare-bones, not much to it
Difficulty & The Grind
Comments: Very straightforward and easy gameplay. Don’t need to grind much anything…
[h1]Game length & replay value:[/h1]
✅ Very Short 1-3hr
() Short 3-10hr
() The Median 10-30hr
() Long 30+ hr
() Very Long 100+ hr
() Was pain to finish once / dropped
✅ One run fun
() Few runs to see all routes / options
() High replay value
Story & Characters & Development:
PROs & CONs:
✅ Story is kinda interesting for short H game
❌ FMC Is rather lame..
Visuals & Audio
PROs & CONs:
✅ Solid enough art style
❌ Everything else meh…
Peformance & Required Hardware
✅ Stick a cable in your potato
() Low spec / average normal PC
() Have gamer PC to an extent
() High-end build
() NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end
Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
✅ Finished
() Dropped

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