Game “review” – Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

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✅ Amazing Gameplay freedom
✅ Fun storytelling that broadens and concludes well
✅ Great comedy aspect
✅ Fun Interactive turn-based combat with terrain interactions
✅ Great visual style
✅ Character building (gear/stats wise) is fun
✅ Gearing is fun
✅ Exploration is amazing and so is finding secret spots and reaching various locations
✅ Great OST, when it doesn’t break
✅ Funny bugs are fun
❔ Probably more pros… but too big of a game to remember all.


❌ A bit too much freedom that creates clutter content
❌ Certain progressions lock you out of quests
❌ Few game/quest breaking bugs
❌ Some co-op issue oddities
❌ Some other weird bugs
❌ Lot of Quality of life features missing
❌ Crafting system is tedious (need essentially docs/excel sheet next to you to know the list or recipes)
❌ For certain quests requirements / locations you need to be EXTREMELY creative to complete… or thank google-sama
❌ Certain events claim one thing in dialogue, but in the end is just fluff text and plays no role in game thus misleads you.
❌ Pixel hunting can be tedious (both targeting enemies in combat sometimes and finding switches)
❌ Mandatory pet pal talent for 1 character to get full out of the game
❔ Probably more cons, too big of a game to remember all..


For starters, played the game once from start to finish in CoOp, so review/comments will revolve fully around coop experience.

But first things first. It’s amazing large game with tons on freedom on how you do things, where you do things, who you do with things. With great sense of humor, funny shit that can happen with gameplay features and bugs. So list of good stuff is long, but so is the list of bad and obnoxious things.

I maintained myself a warrior tank character with essentially all resistances over 100%, making myself immune to pretty much everything (even heal from a lot of stuff), with high block chance and so on. Buff myself up, deal also heavy physical damage, so end game was rather funny to play. Walk through terrain effects, tank everyone etc..

Anyhow, game offers you great sense of exploration. Use skills to traverse terrains, objects, items, high stats eventually, game mechanics and so on. Plenty of fun little secrets to discover, occasionally through secret buttons, using certain items, skills somewhere, doing certain things, using teleport pyramids and so on.

Fun turn based combat that has allocated action points that you boost with various stats. Skills that have specific skill trees, which you obtain higher tier by adding more points to. So that somewhat forces you to make certain builds, which I personally like.
Story starts pretty standard, then it starts info dumping you, giving you lot of stuff happening you at once but overall compacts stuff quite nice by the end of the journey.

Blablalba…… a lot more to mention… but yeah, way too large game to monologue everything about.
Now shortly bad stuff as well. Bugs, game has few quest breaking bugs. Music bug where in combat music just breaks. And few more bugs that I forgot already.

Crafting system is tedious, finding recipes I mean, some you find in the world, but most you are expected to “attempt to combine yourself” in the end we just used google sheets we found in google.

Also, A LOT OF trash items, in RPG’s have habit to loot all, whenever to sell, dismantle or use for crafting. But this game kinda allows you pick everything where in most cases most of stuff just trash.

Co-Op has few issues, main pain the arse thing I noticed that player that join in a dialogue will never her first dialogue voice acting. Few dialogues you can’t even join in.

Feel like there were more co-op oddities, but can’t remember.

And Quality of Life – read / used stuff HAS NO INDICATION. So no clue whenever key or books have been read/used = having to toss all keys/books into bag just in case. No quick sorting, auto splitting for crafting, crafting from bags, can’t rename bags, social stats aren’t shared across characters (bartering, lucky etc…), respect system etc…

Anyhow…. Probably more stuff for both good and bad to mention. But this is long wall of text enough, even I can’t be bothered to write longer. Let alone expect anyone to read. Thus why condensed pros and cons is main focus for my reviews format.

🌟 Total score: 8/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished

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