Game “review” – Resident Evil 4 Remake

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✅ Great Visual fidelity
✅ Fun gunplay
✅ Parry system
✅ Great action & has some spooky elements
✅ Ashley is adorable
✅ Advanced ballistics
✅ As per usual, modding community for FaShiOn
✅ Plenty of collectibles
✅ Medallion hunting / treasure hunting made easier
✅ Weapon upgrade system
✅ Fun boss fights


❌ Chicks nerfed and their reactions, miss my childhood PS2 era (mods can fix em visually at least)
❌ Ada English voice actor is garbage, what happened to previous games ones that were great?
❌ By the time you unlock infinite ammo stuff, there is no point to play anymore


✅ Separate Ways – play as Ada shortened campaign activities. Not long, fairly fun, and you can be Ada plus extra replay value with modding Ada hue hue.

As for rest of the DLC’s. Fashion/cosmetics are okay and soundtrack if you like it enough to buy. Ignore everything else, no point of them. Mercenaries I personally didn’t bother with as it seems one of those short-lived arcade modes that you try once and then don’t bother anymore. But if interests enough, then give it a try, free anyways.


And another resident evil I finish. I mean, I did enjoy it a lot. Like with previous or most of latest RE games with this game engine. Visual fidelity is great, stuff is crisp, easy to understand/see stuff, looks great and feels great to play in. RE4 is more action oriented that offers enjoyable story telling and adorable companion. This time around even better. I do find Ashley a lot cuter/sweeter this time around, cheekier. Think she was a bit more annoying in original if I remember correctly. Only sad part is miss her reaction when peeking on her, was fun to do as child back in days. But eh, at least with mods you can fix her outfit. Leon remains Leon with his epic one liners. But boy, what the hell they did to Ada, the English voice actor in this particular game just pretty damn bad. She sounds so damn basic.

As far as gameplay goes, gunfight is fun, blasting with various guns feels amazing and gun control is great. That is one absolute improvement from the old game. Plus the introduced parry system is nice touch, did save and help me on so many occasions. Also like with all remakes, treasure hunting is great as map shows stuff whilst collectible hunting is for most part also not the worst, as there are some sort of indicators rather than just an random ass object you need to destroy. (sound). Ashley companion Ai is also pretty okay, essentially you can toggle between 2 commands, whenever she sticks near you or keeps distance and few spots where you can tell her to hide, didn’t feel bad at all. I do remember in original game being quite frustrated on few occasions because of her obnoxious butt being in the way of death.

Boss fights are pretty fun if you don’t melt them in few seconds. And killing special enemies in special means. But running out of ammo and knife durability is not fun. Screw fighting that midget with ammo and knife, searching for scraps to somehow kill him….

Game is mostly action oriented but does have few atmospheric spooky moments. Not as horror focused as RE2 remake.

What I hated was method of unlocking infinite ammo… the requirements for them are pretty much well… in a nutshell by the time you unlock infinite ammo, there is no point to play game again. Think RE6 ? still has my favorite inf ammo system. Where you max your weapon, finish game and that maxed weapon you can unlock inf ammo, so next playthrough you can use your maxed weapon with inf ammo as emergency weapon always and avoid ammo management, whilst upgrading other weapons.

But yeah, RE4 has enjoyable storyline, fairly linear world design, but fun with few “open’ish” maps with intersections and shortcuts. Is more action oriented but does have few horror’ish elements. Not as atmospheric as RE2 remake, but that is to be expected, it’s fairly different both story, setting and thematic wise. As whole, I did enjoy a lot, A TINY bit less than RE2 remake, but probably still would consider this game as one of my favorites RE games. I do remember enjoying original RE4 on PS2 during my school days as well long time ago.
If I had to rank newer RE games then RE2R > RE4R > RE8V > RE7 > RE3R would be in a nutshell.

🌟 Total score: 8/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished

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