Lewd game “review” – Succulence by (R)Nest

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✅Great main character (she cute, hot, sexy all at once)

✅A proper corruption game that doesn’t go from 0% sluttiness to 100% in matter of scenes

✅A ton of scenes, A TON

✅Clothing, mental state affects scenes & npc reactions

✅Running main plot is also pretty fun

✅CGi is good enough

✅Proper gallery room with scene hints & post-game cheat tools to see rest of scenes

✅Good degeneracy stats

✅Plenty of kinks

✅Simple and not too tedious combat gameplay

✅Great/native English

✅Game overs let you continue (so no need to mess with saves)

❔Title system is okay, essentially, it’s just some flavor text

❔You can use debug/cheat menu to speed up some stuff


❔Was there grinding? I don’t remember grinding anything aside my wood lol.

❌Repetition loop if fail to find new scenes to trigger

❌Some game bugs now and then that are fairly odd

❌After initial few hours, scene hunting becomes slowly a chore

❌Cgi uses another game assets but is well done

❌Sadly no scene skipping on stuff you seen already

❌Feel like there should been better teleportation system, can get annoying running back n forwards


Took me around 20 hours to finish and was pure bliss first 10 hours. Then scene hunting started to become a bit tedious. Anyhow… as far as corruption games go this was one of the better ones. As corruption ain’t steep and there is plenty to go around. Did mention most stuff in pros and cons but if I can add then “CGi is good enough” then that applies to 3DCG different game assets usage.

Probably forgetting something, but as always I write reviews after finishing a game up to a week. I don’t make “notes” while playing as I’m focused to the game.

Anyhow…. This game would been in 1 of my favourites 100% if game would’ve had voice acting, proper quality CGi (whenever 2d or 3d), polished scenes and more smoother corruption transitions + more QoL features… but nevertheless this is most definitely one of the better corruption degenerate games.

Total Score: 8/10

Game status:

✅ Finished

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