SUCCUBUS: Prologue “review”


+straightforward gory game with some boobs
+simple combat with flashy moves, executions and abilities
+mini fan-service interactables
+some customization and equipment choices


-very dull story
-game feels more of a walking sim than action game
-god horrid climbing sequences. QTE’s basically.
-absolutely abysmal performance. (1)


If they fix the performance, then it’s average game at it’s best. (at least so far) Basically another hell themed game with some ♥♥♥♥ spat on it. Not bad, not good. For full game wouldn’t give over 10EU tho. (so probably wait for sale) and that is only in case they fix the performance.

(1) My rig should be good enough for such game. Ran it on SSD, RTX2080S, i7-9700k, 1440p


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